3 Tips to Help Companies Determine Their App Priorities

At Webnexs, we understand that the app development process can be confusing or intimidating for first-time clients. After all, the market is already full of apps competing for users, and the development process might challenge businesses to understand new technology.

But with our team of experts guiding you, the app development process can become a rewarding experience. As we help companies grow to support customers in new ways, we run into a few key questions many first-time clients ask–so we have compiled them here to help you navigate app development.

Use the Discovery Phase to Identify Priorities

Before we begin the development process, we require clients to complete the discovery phase with us. The discovery phase is a rigorous research process that typically lasts 1-4 weeks. It helps us work with clients to think through the most important questions about an app’s functions, timeline, budget, and more.

At Webnexs, we also use the discovery phase to help our clients understand the market their app will launch in. By completing a competitive analysis of the market, we make sure that our clients have a plan that takes market requirements into account.

We’re not the only ones who think the discovery phase is essential. According to Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington DC, 70% of app developers now require a discovery phase.

Some might try to convince you that the discovery phase is inefficient, but that could not be farther from the truth. Without the insights we gain during the discovery phase, clients could end up with an app that can’t compete against other apps in their industry. The discovery phase also helps us avoid frustrations related to timeline and budget by making sure all partners were in agreement before development begins.

We partner with clients for as long as their apps are available online, so we want them to be as successful as possible. The discovery phase is an essential step toward that success!

Consider Your Marketing Strategy From Day One

No matter how excited we might feel about a client’s new app, the reality is that competition has never been fiercer. Successful apps have a strong marketing plan to convert customers into users.

In general, we suggest that clients structure a marketing plan around demonstrating the value the app’s functions provide to users. We ask questions like: What problem does the app solve? How does it make users’ experience better or easier?

To answer these questions, we help clients understand how to position their app among competitors, whether it’s by emphasizing unique functions or improved user experience.

Our app marketers find that niche and design marketing campaigns for our customers. With a smart strategy, knowledge of the competitive landscape, and a consistent marketing effort, your app can succeed despite the competition.

Don’t Base Your App on the Competition

This might seem to go against all of our advice up to this point, but stick with us. Although we feel that analyzing the competition is a valuable and necessary exercise, we also encourage our clients to remain confident when launching their app.

For example, if a competitor has had an app on the market for two or three years, they may have added features over time. First-time clients may feel pressured to match or exceed the number of features a competitor offers.

However, like most app development experts, we advise clients to launch an app with one signature feature. It’s worth the wait to add more features later, because limiting the number of features helps our developers test and refine apps to serve users’ needs.

Instead of trying to copy the competition, we help our clients focus on their users. The best measurement of success is how your app will help users have the most efficient, helpful, and positive experience possible.

With these three tips in mind, you’ll be ready to work with webnexs to make your next app.






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