How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop?

PrestaShop enables you to give your customers certain privileges, to assign customer group in PrestaShop. It allows you to manage a set of shops as easily as you would a single shop, while still being able to fine-tune the details of each shop manually.

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How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop?

You can create as many customer groups as needed, and assign a user to as many groups as you like.


Once you log in to your PrestaShop account you can see the admin panel. The admin panel has a list of categories. Under those categories, select “Groups” from the Customers category.

How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop? | Webnexs LLC

The “Group” page contains a list of groups that are currently available in your store. PrestaShop includes 3 groups by default; Visitors, Guests, and Customers.

Visitor: The Visitor group is for persons without a customer account.

Guest: Guest group is for persons who placed orders through Guest Checkout.

Customers: Assign customer group in PrestaShop is for the persons who created an account on this site.

You can assign discounts to different groups according to your convenience. These three default groups can only be edited, and they cannot be deleted. You can also create your own group by clicking on the “Add new group” button.


Once you click on the “Add new group”, you will be directed to a page where you can fill the details with your new group.

Here, choose the right name for your group. For example, I’m giving the name for the group as “Vendor”. Assign the amount of discount for the group and select the Price display method and Save it. Once you finished saving it, your group is now ready to use it.

How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop? | Webnexs LLC

You can edit your newly created group by clicking on the “Edit” option. It has lots of different categories, and you can select them according to your needs.


Authorized Modules to Access Customer Group in PrestaShop

You can toggle between yes/no to allow the modules to have access to the customer groups.

Social Sharing: It allows your visitors to easily share their social networking profiles with all products available in your store.

Banner Block: Banner is an advertisement placed on the sides of the website’s main content and is linked to the advertiser’s own website.

Bank Wire: Bank wire is used for payment transactions. You can accept your customer’s transactions through Bank wire.

Top-seller Block: With a Top-seller block, you can add a block displaying your store’s top-selling products for each category. It helps to add a top of the bestsellers in each category, select tab or block display, and choose the number of products to show.

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Cart-Block: Cart-block allows a user to collect items while browsing an online catalog.

Social networking block: This allows you to add information about your brand’s social networking accounts.

Categories block: Categories blocks help to add a block featuring product categories.

How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop? | Webnexs LLC

Currency block: PrestaShop can accept a large number of currencies. By default, there is only one standard currency: the one for your country.

Facebook like Box block: Facebook like box block is mainly for the interaction through social media. You can display or not Header “FIND US ON FACEBOOK”, profile pictures, stream from your fan page site, etc.

Language selector block: With the Language selector block you can set different languages to your page. You can even select the language in which the page has to be shown.

Layered navigation block:  It displays blocks with layered navigation filters.

CMS Block: You can add a block with several CMS links. It allows you to create the name of the block, category name, position, and action.

Custom CMS information block: With Custom CMS information block, you can add custom information to your store.

Contact block: The contact block allows you to provide information about your store details like the address and contact number.

Contact information block: The Contact information block will allow you to display your e-store’s contact information in a customizable block.

Manufacturers block: It displays a block listing product manufactures and brands.

My Account block: Displays a block with links relative to the user account.

New products block: You can define the number of products to be displayed in this block, show the block even if no new products are available.


Quick search block: Adds a quick search field to your website.

Specials block: Adds a block with displaying your current discounted products.

Store locator block: Displays an image link to PrestaShop store locator feature.

Suppliers block: Adds a block displaying your product’s supplier.

Tags block: Adds a blog containing your product tags.

Top horizontal menu: Adds a new horizontal menu to the top of your e-commerce website.

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User info block: Adds a block that displays the information about the customer.

Viewed products block: Adds a block displaying last viewed products.

Dashboard Activity: The homepage of your back office, where you can see the main statistics, live.

How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop? | Webnexs LLC

Dashboard Products: Adds a table of your latest orders and a ranking of your products PrestaShop Dashboard.

NVD3 Charts: It is a JavaScript library that was built specifically to generate beautiful charts using D3.js

Simple HTML table display: This allows the statistics system to display data in a grid.

Image slider for your homepage: Adds an image slider to your home page.

Featured products on the homepage: Set the number of products that you would like to display on the homepage.

Product payment logos block: Displays the logos of the available payment systems on the product page.

Pages not found: Displays the pages requested by your visitors that have not been found.

Search engine keywords: Displays which keyword has led visitors to your website.

Best categories: The Best Categories report displays information based on your best-selling categories.

Best customers: The Best Customers report is a simple table of information regarding your best customers for the time frame you specified at the top.

Assign customer Group in PrestaShop with a different methodology


Catalog statistics: Adds a tab containing general statics about your catalog to the stats’ dashboard.

Catalog evaluation: Adds a quick evolution of your catalog quality to the stats’ dashboard.

Data mining for statistics: This module must be enabled if you want to use statistics.

Visitors online: Display the list of customers and visitors currently online.

Newsletter: Adds a tab with a graph showing newsletter registration to the statics dashboard.

Registered customer information: Display characteristics such as age and gender.

Product Details: Get detailed statistics for each product.

Customer accounts: Display the progress of customer registration.

Sales and orders: Display the sales evolution and orders by statuses.

Shop Search: Display which keywords have been searched by your visitors.

Cron tasks manager: Manage all your automated web tasks from a single interface.

How To Assign Customer Group in PrestaShop? | Webnexs LLC

Theme Control Panel: Allows changing the theme color.

Apollo Page Builder: Apollo page builder build content for your site.

Slideshow for your homepage: Adds an image slider to your homepage.

Blog Management: Manage blog content.

Quick product search by category block: Adds a quick product search field to your website.

Send to a Friend module: Allow customer to send a product link to a friend

Products in the same category: Display products of the same category on the product page.

These are some of the categories that PrestaShop allows to optimize your group. You can enable or disable the features according to the group.

This is how you can assign customer groups to the PrestaShop platform based on different categories.

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