Will a customer be assigned of a group by default in Prestashop?

Yes, in Prestashop, the group which is set to be default will be assigned to a customer by default when he signs up to the store. There is also an option provided to assign default group for a customer. You can perform changes to your customer’s group by logging into the back office of your account and set a different group to be default.

The steps for changing the default customer group are mentioned here.

Once you login to your account, you can look at the number of online visitors and Active Shopping Cart and many more details from the Dashboard. To perform changes to your customer’s account you can do it either by going into the “Customers” option or “Group” option from the “Customers” category. Both the options help you to assign the default group for your customer.


Now, go to the “Customers” category. The Customers category shows a list of sub-categories. All these sub-categories help to perform different action to your customer’sdata. Now, under those categories, choose “Customers” sub-category tab.


In the “Customers” page allows to manage the Customers data. Here, all the details of the customers, average age of the customers visiting the store, average order per customer and many more information will be provided.  You can add new customers or perform changes to your existing customer’s data. Now, select the customer to whom you want to change the default group and click “edit”.


The editing page will help to perform changes to the customer’s details. If needed, change the title, name, date of birth or password. Once you finish editing the basic details, you can make changes to the group. Here, you can see the group access for the customers. You can add or remove the customer to a specific group and they can access only those specified group. Once you give the group access you can see “Default customer group”. Select the default group for the customer and save the changes.


Now, the Default group for your customer is now assigned. Once you change the default group, only the discount from the present group is applicable for the customer; the discount from the previous group is not applicable for them.

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