Here is the Best 10 Speed Improvement tips for Magento 1 & 2

Magento is one of the best platforms used by most of the merchants, it helps merchants to create a unique store. Magento is one of the best-known platforms for its resource hogging ways. To overcome the hindrances of slow speed here are some of the Magento speed improvement tips.
Magento Speed Improvement Tips

1. Update to the latest version

Updating to tips the latest version is one of the best to remove bugs as well as to add new features. Here is the best example Magento 2 has Csspre processor it helps to speeds up page loads as well as it makes it more search engine friendly.

2. Use a Content Delivery Network(CDN)

CDN’s deliver a relevant content on time, it combats slow loading sites. Servers around the world keep a copy of your site’s file for faster access in any location.

3. Merge Javascript and CSS files

Merging Javascript and CSS files are one of the best tips, it helps in reducing page loading time as well as to load correctly. Usually, the browser has to refer enormous ad different files including javascript and CSS files but this process can be made easy by merging all required javascript and CSS files so that it helps in reducing browser work.

4. Talk about cache

• Server caching
• Browser Cache
• Magento cache configuration
• PHP Accelerator

5. Add-on Extensions

A lot of extensions makes your sites slower, it is always advisable to delete unwanted extensions and you must not forget to update the extensions it helps you to fix bugs. To understand the speed, Run a speed test on your site before enabling extension and after enabling extensions.

6. Use the falt catalog in Magento

Magento uses EAV ( Entity Attribute Value) to store customer and product Information, hence it provides a best customer and product database support. Magento Enables the flat catalog from the admin panel for best and faster performance in the MySQL queries.

7. Server Considerations

Server consideration is one of the essential requirement when choosing a host and plan be careful and choose the best some of the essential server requirements are as follows
• Disk space – it is advisable to choose Disk with the best Space
• Best processor
• Uptime of 99.9%
• Server with best load times
• Server which uses SSD drives as they are 220 times faster

8. Reduce Image Size

In recent days most online stores have heavy graphics as well infographics. But in actuality reducing image size as well as compressing your heavy images helps in downloading faster.Its always advisable to use graphics programs like photoshop or Tiny PNG Extensions.

9. Delete Magento logs and Database

Magento logs by default maintain logs for 6 months, Magneto is enabled with Log cleaning and timeframe for keeping the logs.

10. Run Virus and Malware Scans

It is always advisable to Run virus scan for safe and secure downloads, In these recent times, No online presence is safe. If your site gets infected with viruses this infective virus will consume all required as well as essential resources your site needs.

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  1. Alex Morco Avatar
    Alex Morco

    Thanks for sharing this article, I have tried to optimize it manually but, while updating attributes I got an error, I applied Cloudways full page cache extension, cloudways Magento Full Page cache . Its working good now and load time is improved.

    1. Suresh Nathanael Avatar

      Thank you for the information shared.

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