Magento Or PrestaShop: Which Is The Best Ecommerce Platform

Magento Or PrestaShop: Which Is The Best Ecommerce Platform In 2022?

Find which eCommerce platform is best: Magento or PrestaShop in 2022?

Whenever you are looking to build an Ecommerce website or trying to choose an Ecommerce platform to build your website, you will always look for the best choices in the market.

Magento or Prestashop: Ecommerce platform to choose in 2022

Magento and Prestashop are now the leading Ecommerce platforms in the Ecommerce market that are currently ruling the Ecommerce industry. A good look at Magento vs. Prestashop will help you get closer to the right choice. We’ve done the evaluation for you, and here is our comparison with Magento and Prestashop.

Overview of Magento and Prestashop platform

Both Magento and PrestaShop can be customized in a number of ways. Prestashop offers you tons of features, facilitates site management, provides SEO benefits, gives users analysis and report and much more. More than 125,000 online stores Prestashop is used, which makes the program easier.

Magento, however, is the leader in Ecommerce Shopping Cart solutions. They offer a great variety of features, tools, and personalization. The Magento platform offers superior SEO benefits than any other shopping cart on the market, with more advertising and merchandising in the market. They allow multiple payment and shipping options. Many big businesses believe in Magento for their online business.

What Does Magento Offer?

Magento offers a lot of features with all kind of flexibility. You are in control of this Ecommerce solution, and you can change the appearance, content and how it works. The way Magento is built makes it simple to use search engine optimization and you can also use it as a catalog management tool.

A recent partnership with eBay makes this system even more influential and adds further developers to the community.

Magento gives users all types of extensions, features, and modules. Many online store owners have praised Magento for its extreme features and user-friendliness. It is suitable for professional online stores and anyone who fully works to run online or part online business.

What Does Prestashop offer?

Prestashop too has a lot of features with user-friendliness. You can use the basic layout for free, but if you want more advanced features for your online store, you should buy templates, themes, and modules. Prestashop mainly targets small to medium business looking to gain an online presence.

Prestashop is available in 40 languages but fully supported in both English and French. They do not provide an official support panel; however, you can find many certified Prestashop developers and users in the Prestashop forum. Besides PHP 5.2, MySQL 5 and a Linux, UNIX or Windows Operation System, you do not have to meet many requirements to use the program.

Comparison: which is best platform in 2022?

Taking a decision between Magento and Prestashop is quite a difficult task. Both these platforms are big ecommerce solutions. Prestashop is a small medium-sized business destination, while Magento offers a large range of medium size. Whether you are taking your business for the first time online or being displaced from another online solution, these two Ecommerce platforms will offer the best solution. If you are not technically strong and still if you want to work, then Prestashop is a great choice.

If you have a deep knowledge of web design and technology, you can go for Magento as it can fit your requirements. Customizing your shopping is simple with Prestashop, but you do not have the same control with Magento. A great company with a team of experts is easy to use Magento for everything they need for their shopping cart.

However, for those small businesses or hiring someone to handle it they can find an affordable option from Prestashop.

Who Should Choose Magento?

Magento is perfect for those who are looking for full control of their online store. Big businesses or those who plan to grow quickly will find better matching features in Magento than Prestashop since Magento gives a vast range of customization option.

Who Should Choose Prestashop?

Small businesses will find Prestashop user-friendly option as fit perfectly with their needs. This system makes it easy to make the cost less expensive, and there is no need to invest more time in setting everything in Prestashop.


From the above comparison, we can clearly understand that small business who are looking to improve their business can go with PrestaShop platform and large businesses that are looking to move to the next step in their business can go with Magento platform.

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