Bike Taxi – A Powerful focus of the future Ride-hailing Business

A Bike is a vehicle which has been used for the daily commute to various place which cannot be travelled through vehicles which as more than two wheels. The bike has been used as a taxi for a person who travels alone. In recent times, the bike taxi service has been emerging and making the business to grow larger. The bikes are considered to be the economical mode of transport compared to cars, as they give more mileage which makes the company gain more profit.

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The bike taxi business model has been started way back in the 1960s in a daily commute and it has been incorporated after 2010. Currently, there are lots of big names and start-ups have been doing bike taxi service like UBER, Rapido, etc. Certain bike-taxi based start-ups are using the e-bikes for taxi services.

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Low-cost transportation:

The cost of transportation has been considered to be lesser than the other modes like cabs, auto-rickshaws, etc. This made a lot of people to use this mode of transportation rather than spending more.

Travelling through narrow places:

The bikes have been designed to travel on the narrow roads which make the individual easier for travelling to more places which reduce the last mile connectivity problem

Reduce traffic issues:

The traffic congestions have been reduced due to the usage of bike taxis where a lot of people getting familiar with the bike taxis and try to reduce their usage on cabs while they travel alone.

Creating employment opportunities:

Currently, Unemployment has been a major crisis. This bike taxi service brings more employment opportunities to those who are willing to work both full-time and part-time.

Platform to test technology advancement:

The world is currently running towards technological advancements like e-bike which is environment-friendly. Most of the people use petrol vehicles and they don’t opt for e-bikes. So, bike taxi can be used to test the customer’s satisfaction of travelling in e-bikes, if they satisfied, then the company can implement electronic cars for transportation.

Multi usage:

The bike taxi can be used for multiple usages like delivery of goods, transportation of goods from one place to another, etc. which gains profit for the company at any point of time.

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Less maintenance:

The cost of maintenance has been considerably lesser than the other modes of transportation. Even the spares and the service cost of the bikes are considerably very lesser than the other modes of vehicles.

Increasing customer base:

Bike taxi can be used as one of the most effective ways to increase the customer base of a company. By using a bike taxi the company can provide more services which eventually builds its customer base from various aspects.

Safety gear initiative:

The bike taxi companies have been taking safety gear initiative by providing the helmet for the customers and their drivers to overcome their safety issues. This initiative also attracts more people to use bike taxis.

Improved safety standards:

The safety standards have been increased from its initial stage. There is lot of assistance provided from the point of a company like SOS, 24*7 assistance, etc.

The bike taxi has been slowly starting to take over the place of auto-rickshaws nowadays and it will do in the Future.

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