Brief about remarkable performances of Magento 2 platform

The performance of the Magento 2 platform relies on its own code architecture. This Magento 2 platform has remarkable performance that extension monitors code and configurations. It notifies that if you changed anything and, it may work slower or new errors occurred – It will report about it.

  • Changes monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Page Speed Score monitoring
  • PHP errors monitoring
  • JavaScript errors monitoring
  • Cron job monitoring
  • 404 errors monitoring



  • Possible  to control all changes
  • Automatic notification about errors
  • Continuous performance monitoring

Changes Monitoring

The extension monitors code, other extensions, and configuration changes of your store. Unlike other monitoring tools, Magento 2 extension considers errors in connection with changes.

Very easy to find which caused a dedicated issue. After each change, the extension creates a new configuration snapshot. Then it compares the key indicators with the previous version.

Extension monitors the following changes:

  • New extension installation
  • An extension upgrade
  • Necessary changes in extensions
  • Changes in the cache configuration and list of displayed blocks
  • Global changes in configuration 
  • Magento update
  • Changes in the environment configuration 
  • Performance Monitoring
For each configuration snapshot, the extension monitors key health indicators. Besides, it compares them with the previous version. Magento 2 platform performance indicators:
  • Page Generation Time
  • User Time (TTFB)
  • Page Cache Coverage Rate

Errors Monitoring

Extension monitors Magento 2 errors:

  • Various PHP errors:
  • 500 Internal Server Error,
  • Backend Fetch Failed Error, 
  • Fatal Error, 
  • Uncaught Error,
  • Uncaught Exception
  • Database errors
  • JavaScript errors
  • Cron Job Errors

Conflict Detector

Magento 2 checks possible class rewrites conflicts and alerts you.

Generation Time and User Time

Extension monitors Time To First Byte (TTFB) and User Time (Page Load Time) for key pages:

  • Home page
  • Catalog pages
  • Search results pages
  • Account page
  • Shipping cart page
  • Checkout page
Generation Time

Generation time is the time that the server can handle a request and return page for the end-user.

Page Load Time

Load time is the time that a user needs to download the content of the page in the browser 

Page Cache Coverage Rate

The Full Page Cache Coverage Rate is the percent of pages that pulled out from the cache.

If the page cache is not working, the coverage rate is zero. The optimal page cache coverage rate is approximately 40-50%.

How it works

Nowadays, eCommerce stores change at a different level. New extensions may be with different configuration modifications.
If you install a new extension, it runs like clockwork. But slows down the loading speed of store pages. This fluctuation may be small and can’t notice at once. 

If there is an essential deviation from the normal performance indicators. Then the Magento 2 extensions will inform you about it. Meanwhile, as a spin-off benefit you and your developer in a great way.

Because they’ll be able to see how the operational indicators work. All this at one and another configuration of your Magento 2 store.


The performance of the Magento 2 platform has some proven online business benefits. So, why stay with the low-performing Magento version. Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 today.

Contact us for any Magento 2 migration needs. Our experts focus on customers’ satisfaction and success in businesses.

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