Magento Vs Python Vs AngularJS Vs ReactJS

Magento Vs Python Vs AngularJS Vs ReactJS: The Best Comparison Of 2022

A thorough explanation of Magento, Python, AngularJS and ReactJS in detail.

A platform, programming language, and PHP Framework are completely different, and we can’t do a comparison between them.

In this, Magento is an E-commerce platform, Code Igniter is a PHP Framework, and Python, AngularJS, and  React JS are said to be the programming languages. Each one of them performs a different work and everything has its own benefits.

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So, let’s have a look at the work of a platform, framework, and programming language deeply.

What is an E-commerce Platform?

An E-commerce platform is an application that helps online businesses to run their website, sales, and operations.

Generally, an E-commerce platform is the backbone of any online retail enterprise, allowing the front-end and back-end to work exactly.

What is a Programming Language?

A programming language is a suitable language that indicates a set of instructions that can be used to make varied kinds of output.

Fundamentally, Programming languages consist of instructions for a computer.

What is a PHP Framework?

A PHP Framework is said to be an essential platform that allows us to develop web applications. It provides the MVC(Model View Controller) structure for the website.

Compare between: Magento Vs Python Vs AngularJs Vs ReactJs

Compare between Magento Vs Python Vs AngularJs Vs ReactJs



Magento platform gives full control for the online merchant, it’s a flexible shopping cart system, content as well as the functionality of their online store.

Its platform provides you with powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. It comes with multiple inbuilt features, so you just need to install it and can start your online store.

Advantages of Magento

  • Feature-rich
  • User-friendly
  • Wide developer community
  • Ability to run multiple stores
  • Malleable and Scalable  

Programming Language


Python is an interpreted high-level and general-purpose programming language, and it is well known for its engaging syntax with readable code.

The programming language, i.e, Python has a high amount of development frameworks agility, administration, scalability, testing, and security. It is considered to be an important reason that makes Python an ideal for rapid software development.

Benefits of Python

  • Great libraries
  • Easily Readable code
  • Rapid development
  • Large community
  • Object-oriented, and
  • Dynamic typing


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based front-end web application framework. It is totally managed by Google and other partners. AngularJS permits you to write a client-side web application.

It permits you to use HTML as the language of your template and helps to extend the HTML syntax to reveal the components of your applications apparently.

It automatically relates data from your User Interface and JavaScript objects through the 2-way data binding.

Benefits of AngularJS

  • Quick to develop
  • Great MVC
  • Powerful as well as Restful
  • Backed up by Google
  • Two-way data binding
  • Dependency injection

React JS

UI components are created by using React JS. At present, it’s one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, as well as it also has a sturdy base and a large community behind it.

So, if you want to work with React JS You are needed to have an in-depth understanding of CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Although React JS doesn’t use HTML, the JSX is related, so your HTML understanding will be very beneficial.

Benefits of React Js

  • Superior user experience and faster
  • Permits reusing code components
  • One-direction data flow

Benefits of E-commerce with Magento, AngularJs and ReactJs

The Growth of E-commerce website has taken the online business to a whole new level. Various online stores have made a huge profit with the help of E-commerce.

For Sellers:

The Seller can get a very larger area to sell their products online, through which they can get a number of buyers from their country as well as from abroad.

So, they can promote their products through digital marketing, which helps to drive more traffic to your website.

For Buyers:

Various products can be checked by customers by sitting down at their home itself. They can compare the price from the market and get down the delivery at their doorsteps itself.

So, these are the benefits of using Magento, Code Igniter, Python, Angular Js, React Js, and E-commerce business.

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