Courier Management System: Pioneering in collaborating the Delivery system with Technology

The postal sector has been evolving over a period of time with some innovative technologies to give the best possible service. The courier companies who work similarly like the postal department always try to bring innovative ideas with the availability of new technology.

This initiative from the courier companies gave birth to “Courier Management System” for easy and reliable services to their customers.

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What is Courier Management System?

The courier management system is the technology-based management system. It helps the customers to track their courier stage by stage. It starts by placing the order until getting delivered.

How does this work?

Log In

The customer has to login with the application either with Facebook or mail ID. The customer should create a separate password for this application to avoid any mishandling.

Manage orders

The customers can manage orders in this application based on their priority and also get to know the order which is yet to be received.


Provide details

The customer should provide the details regarding the sender and receiver for delivering the courier.

 Track your ORDER

The customers can track their courier through the application at real-time which contains every detail in a brief about their location or storage.

Features of the Application:


Live Notification

The customer will be notified on every important stage of courier transportation like storage or delivery time. This will be useful for the customers to be prepared for the delivery.

Live Updates

The customer will be getting the live update on the condition of the package transported.


24*7 help desk

The company will be providing 24*7 help desk for its customers for clearing any queries or handling any grievances occurred.

History Records

The application will be containing ever records from the past services which can help the customer at some point of time for verification.

Selecting the Routes

The drivers and customers can select their routes by getting the various delivery done at a single run which minimizes the expenditures of the customers like online shops which gain more profits with this method.

Auto-Assigning Jobs

Using technology like Geo-fencing, the company can assign a job to the drivers who are nearby for delivering the goods as soon as possible.

Direct commands on delivery

The customer can provide direct commands on the delivery of the product so the delivery can be done desirably.


The customer can approve their courier digitally without any paper works. The driver can get the digital signature from the receiver to reduce the time of paper works.


The customer can do their payment through e-wallets in the courier management application for easy transaction.

Subscription service

The customer can subscribe for the service when they run a business which deals with recurring delivery of courier.


The courier management system creates an automated experience for the customers to provide efficient service. For efficient management, courier management system brought every operational control in an application.

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