How easycab ride hailing application works – Amazingly simple application.

How easycab ride hailing application works – Amazingly simple application.

As days move on, the ease of use and operational efficiency scales up. People arent ready to wait anymore for services that can keep them wait. If exactly speaking about ride hailing application,  people wanted their cab to reach them with a click of button. How this can be possible? How to find a cab that can come to users/rider at just a single click?

Here comes the “easycab”.

Im the previous blog, I have given idea on top features of easycab, if you have not read, please click Here

How does that work?

I would be glad to take you through the working part post verification stage of drivers, cabs from the admin panel.

A quick recap: A driver has to come to the office of ride services provider and would be mandated to submit his verification details. Post his details,photos, he has to submit the papers of his car. Both has to be added to the database of the company.

Moving forward to the mobile app of driver:

Once the driver is added, he can open the driver app and enter his mobile number. A OTP will be sent to the number which he has entered, if that number is in the database. Once the OTP is verified by the app,  he can login with his QR codes for the cab. For this, the camera opens up and he would be required to scan the QR to authenticate the cab with the driver. The QR would be sticked on to the dashboard of the cab for easy scanning purpose.

Now he is online and easy to take the ride. The driver needs less than 30 seconds to initialise the application.

Post the customer giving ride request:

Having not run you thorugh the customer app, I would like to pull up one single feature where the request of the customer reaches driver. There would be a delay of 3 to 5 seconds to achieve this. Once the customer ride request comes to driver, there will be an alarm in the driver panel and would give alarm/ beeps for 30 seconds to accept the ride.

The driver will be able accept the ride and it will ask for an OTP authentication upon starting the ride, ie when the rider joins driver, rider has to give OTP to the driver to authenticate the trip so it means , driver and rider are on the journey.

Now there are features like SOS, Call Driver, Rider, Payment solutions etch in this application which can help you to stay much closer and safer and enjoy the application hassle free.

Customer application has features like social logins through Facebook and Google+.  This helps them to login in less than 15 seconds of time to boost user experiences. They have the next screen where they will be prompted to choose cabs on availability. Also a rider can check the base fare, per kilometer charge and ride time charges before he starts the trip. By this way ,the rider can easily have a manovering of the application in less than 2 minutes of time and it is completely straight forward for the users to use them.
If you have any doubts or would like to have the application in action, we would like to help you. Please contact us here.


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