Essentials points you should consider before migrating to magento store

The following are some essentials points you should consider before migrating to magento store

Analyze your old code

It is essential to look at the extensions and data on your current site. Determine what features are being used and which extension requires fewer customizations on Magento 2. Upgrading your Magento to the latest version removes outdated and unused extensions and redundant data from your Magento 1 site.

Ensure you always clean up the old code

The process of migration becomes simple if you leave unnecessary things behind. But it is also essential to have a detailed plan about the commodity features that may act as a differentiator for your business like a store locator, store pickup, etc.

Save The Necessities Of Your New System 

One of the most effective ways to shape your new platform and maximize the value for users of the system is through building a smooth user journey. To put in simple words, identify your user goals from which you obtain activities, tasks, and user stories. This process helps you understand what the MVP go-live version of your new platform looks like.

Ccontrol User Journey On Your Site

After you have a user story map, your next task is to analyze the map and come to a conclusion by asking below questions:

  • Does this functionality be included in the new platform?
  • If not, do you need to customize to meet your business processes?
  • How is the return for that feature compared with the investment?

Answering these questions will help you in focusing on doing valuable things, and also you can limit the amount of unnecessary customization which occurs in your business.

Analyze SEO And Technical Optimization

Your site undergoes structural changes when you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento2. So, it would best if you run an eCommerce SEO checklist to overcome any issue that impacts the organic traffic of your site.

Here are some factors that need your concern:

  • Meta tags for products and categories;
  • SEO-friendly URLs;
  • Prefixes and suffixes for title tags;
  • Images and media are optimized;
  • On-page content is optimized correctly;
  • Internal links are used appropriately.

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