Futuristic Evolution of the Taxi Business

The Taxi Business has been evolving through different timelines and the future of this business is still upscale. In recent days, the taxi business has seen a huge success when they entered into online-based service. This brings fortune for the company to gain success over the traditional service providers. 

Even though there are few big players like Uber, Ola and Lyft, some local players trying to be the successful competitors in their respective region by updating them with current technology.

As the taxi business still evolving in the growing stage, the future for this business is yet to make its saturation point.

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Market Overview:

Mordor Intelligence, Hyderabad did his research on Taxi Business – Growth, Trend and Forecast (2020-2025). As forecasted for the period of 2019-2024, that the taxi business is expected to register a CAGR of 9.22%.

The factor like reduction in fare and ease of service availability made the online-based taxi business to gain a share of > 40% of the taxi business as of 2017. Due to the growth in usage of smartphones, online taxi business has seen massive growth in a short span of time.

In the Asia-Pacific region > 70% of the taxi, the business share has been held by global motorcycle/bike taxi business as of 2018. This has been used mainly to avoid traffic congestion and low taxi fare.

Future Trend in Taxi Business:

  • E-Vehicles: The taxi business has been starting to build its fleet with E-vehicles by considering various factors like:
  • Emission control: Global warming has been started to concern people all around the world. So, the usage of e-vehicle will be controlling the emission caused by the vehicle. It has been done to avoid pollution in the environment.
  • Cost-efficient: The E-vehicle has been considered to be cost-efficient when it is compared to the recent demand for petroleum products in the global stage. Even the service cost of a vehicle is considered to be lower when it is compared to the normal vehicle.
  • Automated Taxi: The taxi business has been aiming to use the automated taxi which can drive the vehicle automatically. It can be done through uploading the pickup coordinates and the drop coordinates by the client itself.

This can collect the money in advance through E-wallets before the ride commenced based on their pricing methods. This brings innovation into the sector and it also reduces expenses from the company side.

  • Tie-up with car manufacturers: The Taxi company can tie-up with the car manufacturing company as the starting of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). It will reduce the cost of expenditure in fleets and maintaining their own vehicle to provide service. It will eventually increase the profits of the business.
  • Flying urban taxi: This is more futuristic idea when compared to others. The flying urban cars are similar to planes used as a taxi. Its very smaller in size when compared to planes which are suitable for a daily commute. It remains conceptual, where the company called “AirBus” .

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The Taxi Business is now on its winning situation and  it will withstand in the market for a long period like Uber. The company which brings innovation and effective transportation will  have great future in the succeeding years.

Unlike other sectors, the taxi business has to be more  innovative among their competitors to gain profit in the business.



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