What happens if I select two groups to a same customer?

In Prestashop each of your customers belongs to one or more customer groups. There’s no limit to the number of groups to which a customer can belong, but they should be at least in one group.

So, there is no problem in selecting two groups to a same customer. You can put a customer in one or more groups or remove them from groups from the account settings of that customer.

To do this, go to Customers menu in the admin panel.


Now choose “Customers” from the Customers category.


The Customers page will have the lists of customers in your group. You can manage the details of the customers in here. To add a customer to another group, select the customers and click on “view” option.

You can also use the “edit” option to go to the edit page directly. Clicking on “view” option will let you to know the details of the customers, the products purchased by them, list of group that they are already existing and many more.


Here, the information about the customer, orders they made, the date and the mode of purchase and their current group information will be provided.

Under the “Groups” column you can see the group in which the customer is currently present.


Clicking on the group will take you a page where you can see the details of the customers or you can directly click on the “edit” option to edit the customer details.


Here, the discount details for the customers will be provided. You can see the discount percentage, price display method and check whether the price is displayed or not.

Once you finish checking the discount details, click on the “edit” option.


Once you click on the “edit” option you will be directed to page where you can edit the details of the customer. You can edit their name, email address, set password and choose the group.


Under the “Group access” option you can see the list of groups currently present. Here, select the groups in which you want to add the customer and from the drop-down “Default customer group” menu you can select the default group for the customer. Select the default category and Save it.


Once you finish saving the edited details of the customers, your customer is now added to different group according to your choice.

Note: Changing the Default Customer Group may lead the customer to get the discounts only from the respective group.


You can choose the discount option for any specific group according to your desire. To give discount for any specific group, choose “Catalog Price Rules” sub-category from the “Price Rule” category.


Here, you can choose the discount to the group. You can select the existing discount to a specific group. If you do not have any existing discounts, you can create them by clicking “Add new catalog price rule”.


You can now create a new discount here. Give the name for the discount, the discount for currency type and country. The “Group” option allows selecting the group to which you want to give discount. Choose the group, time period of the discount, reduction type and the reduction rate. Fill the details and save it.


Now the new discount has been created and the created discount has been assigned for the group. The customer can now enjoy the discount from the respective group.

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