How Corporate Taxi Application creates customer-base?

In the present corporate world, the companies are trying to minimise their expenses in the most possible way. There are certain companies where their clients ask the company employees to meet in their places. So the company used corporate taxi service for their employee’s transportation.

The corporate taxi service has been given through the application like Uber clones so that it can be handled in the best possible way. The drivers will be informed and allocated for the job in advance

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Why Corporate Taxi Application?

Hassle-free experience: The employees of the company will be provided hassle-free experiences which helps the service provider to be chosen beyond the alternatives.

Quality Assurance: The service provider should be of the quality of the service as they deal with the clients who can ensure regular business so that the service quality should be at best.

Maintain Regulations: The service providing company has been regulated based on government regulations like valid license/permit.

Transparency: The rides or transactions which have been done through corporate taxi applications are transparent.

Easy administration: The clients have been given the administration access to administer their rides as per their wish. They will be given a separate portal for the administration process.

Different pricing based on clients: The pricing of the ride will be different from client to client based on certain criteria.

Features of Corporate Taxi Applications:

One-click mobility: The employees can avail the taxi facility at one click which saves the employee’s time and it directly influences the pace of the company’s process.

Manage employees list: The corporate taxi application will be providing an admin interface to manage their employee’s list who can access their corporate taxi application for transportation.

Monitoring rides: All the rides taken by the employees can be monitored by the client. This monitoring process helps the client to run the business in the most efficient way. This process has been done with the help of tracking technology like GPS.

Ride history: The ride history of an employee has been stored in the application for the record. This helps the client to view employees travel record.

Simplified invoice and billing: The invoice and billing have been simplified through various ways like e-invoice which helps the company to maintain its accounting records.

E-wallet management: The corporate taxi applications have been managing the E-wallets for the faster and easier mode of transaction.

Ride request Authorizing: The client should be having one person to do a role in authorizing the rides which have been requested by the employee.

24*7 safety and support: The personalized 24*7 customer support has been dedicated to ensuring the safety of the customers. This customer support has been used to monitor and track routes in case of unusual activities.

Feedback Box: The service rating can be submitted by the customers in the application. The feedback can also be given to enrich the service quality.

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The Corporate Taxi Application made the taxi business evolved from the limited public customer base to a huge corporate base which brings more profit than normal ride cost.

This gives direct control to corporate clients where they can run their transportation needs based on their requirements.

Is corporate taxi application doing a favour to corporate for efficient management?

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