How Fleet Management transformed the transportation business to the next level?

Fleet management is a process of a fleet manager which manages the fleets and the assets. Fleet management aims at reducing the cost of the company and alternatively, it helps the company to utilize the assets to the maximum for making an optimum amount of profit. The fleet aims at reducing expenses which can be caused by owning one.

Fleet Management
Fleet Management

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How fleet management is considered to be more viable for a business:

  • Limited Risk: The risk involved in fleet management is limited where as the larger amount of risk is transferred to the fleet owner.
  • Highly Efficient: The business which has been done through fleet is a lot more efficient, where as the fleet manager will always aim at optimum usage of the fleet.
  • Highly profitable: The fleet was considered to be highly profitable, where they aim at gaining more profit at lesser expense.
  • Enhance productivity: The productivity has been enhanced through the fleet as they try to use the fleet at an optimum level.

The activities involved in Fleet Management:

  • Acquiring the required vehicle: The fleet management acquires the vehicle which is suitable for the business which has been done by the company. For example, the taxi service providing company cannot fleet a lorry. Likewise, the required number of vehicles should be acquired by the company as they directly affect the profit/loss of the company.
  • Fuel management: Fuel is one of the major factors in fleet management. As they deal with vehicle, the fuel price should be considered. The company will be opting for the vehicle which can be less expensive so that they can increase their profit. From the point of a company, they always prefer a diesel vehicle than the petrol vehicle.
  • Cost of Maintenance: The cost of vehicle maintenance has been considered in fleet management. As it deals with the vehicles the cost involved in maintaining a vehicle like service cost, pre-purchase cost, etc.  should be considered by the company before the acquisition of a vehicle.
  • Cost of controlling: The controlling cost is more of a back-office process, where the company does more on the analysis regarding the fuel price, driver expenses, on-going purchase cost of a vehicle, etc.
  • Meeting the legislated requirements: Fleet management has to give a regular check on legislation documents like licenses, insurances, daily checks, inspection sheets, defect check, etc. which are important to run a business in the most ethical and proper way.
  • Safety and Health Assistance: The fleet management also takes care of the health and safety of a driver at the time of accident occurred. Action taken on such kind of situation will always bring more loyalty towards the company

The technology used in fleet management:

Fleet management has been using specialized software for the works which has to be done.

GPS: GPS is a technology which has been used by the company to find the location of the vehicle.

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Periodical alerts: The fleet management software will be programmed to alert the periodical needs of a vehicle like fuel needs, service dues, etc.

One-touch Assistance: The fleet management software will be having One-touch assistance like SOS which can be used by the drivers when they face any kind issue during their run time.

Fleet management is considered to be the most effective and efficient way of building a business which involves transportation.”

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