How Geo-Fencing redefined the location-based business?

Geo-fencing is a process of creating virtual boundaries based on geographical locations. The positioning of mobile phones can be done through various methods like Native positioning i.e. WiFi, cellular data, GPS which gives an accuracy of 20 meters and Bluetooth Positioning by installing beacons at certain places which gives an accuracy of 2 meters. The recent advancement in the positioning method is NFC and RFID. This Geo-Fencing will be triggered when the person enters or exits the boundaries virtually created and it will be used for certain activities.

This Geo-fencing has been used for various means of activities like marketing. In marketing, Geo-fencing has been used to find the individual who used to enter or exit the boundary, frequency of the visits, etc.


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How the Geo-Fencing works ?

Background Applications

In every smartphone, there will be certain apps running on the background which has been used to trigger when the person enters or exits a Geo-fence.

Developer or Administrator enabled

The developer or Administrator will be using APIs to work on the Geo-Fencing to deduct the person who enters or exits the Geo-Fence. They are preferably using the GPS or RFID for positioning

Activities which has been done through Geo-fencing

Constructing a user profile

The user profile can be constructed through the Geo-fencing by analysing the person’s activities like frequency of visits to a certain place.

Location Tracking

In recent days, the technology has been used for directing a person to reach a certain location. The Geo-fencing has been used by riding apps for tracking the customer’s location and it has also been used for pricing by segmenting the locations through Geo-fencing.

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Pop-up ads

The pop-up ads will be more relevant based on the location of a person. These ads which get popped will be based on the location and the needs of the person. For example: if a person wants to eat something and if he searches for the restaurants in a food-App, based on the geo-fencing done by the app the person will be getting the suggestions.


The promotions can be done based on Geo-Fencing based on the location of a person. If a person enters a geo-fencing they will be getting the promotional activities done by the company in that region like offers. For example: if a person in one country travel to another when that country is celebrating certain events like thanks-giving, then that person will be getting promotional activities done for thanksgiving through various medium.

Smart Gadgets

Smart gadgets can be controlled and customized through Geo-fencing. The geo-fencing can assign certain commands for the smart gadgets when the person enters or exit the Geo-fence. It is mostly done through Bluetooth. For example, Certain cars use smart locks, when the person enters the geo-fence along with his key for that smart lock then the car will automatically unlock.


The Geo-fencing has been most preferably used for the security purpose both a normal public and by the Government, The public use the Geo-Fencing for security purposes like smart locks attached on the door which is automated to alarm during thefts or other damages. From the point of a government, the geo-fence has been used for tracking down the drone or person who enters or exits the geo-fence. They are used to identify or restrict entrants.

Geo-Fencing is considered to be the future of analysing individual customer behaviour and relevant marketing.”

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