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How To Make A Live Streaming Platform?

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Before getting to know how to make a live streaming platform, we should know exactly what does a live streaming platform mean. A live streaming platform is a site where broadcasters telecast their live videos in real-time by embedding the video player into the website so that viewers can access their content in real-time. Live streaming platform is used by businesses to share their video to viewers. It helps them in brand awareness, lead generation, advertising purposes  

Why do you need to create your own live streaming website ?

Live streaming helps you in creating brand awareness and tell out your company unique selling point by broadcasting videos in real-time. It also helps in generating revenue 

Live streaming on your own website gives you full control of the video which is being played on the video player as there will be no advertisement displayed in your video which is totally irrelevant. As you will have no restriction on the content displayed and time limits. You can also call to action like subscription our email or sign up for the next event. Another major advantage is that brand recognition. You can earn revenue by monetisation of video.

Whereas live streaming on the third platform like youtube does not give full control of ownership over the video. There are restrictions on content and time limits 

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How to create a live streaming Website ?

1. Choosing  Live recording Equipment and  Encoders 

Creating high-quality video content requires money investment in high-quality cameras up to 4K resolution. High-end microphone so that audio can be recorded without much noise

For training sessions, webinars, meetings you just need a camera such as a webcam. Full high-quality broadcast you need a high-end camera setup for this purpose you need a camera with HDMI connection so that streaming will be of high quality

After choosing a camera it is necessary to choose encoders which are much suitable for your choice. Encoders change your video from recording and storage to transmissions of content over the web. The viewers can access the content without any issues. Encoders are of two types: Software and hardware encoders. Hardware encoders are very expensive and it used by advanced broadcasters for encoding. Software encoders are easily affordable when compared to hardware encoders like RTMP encoders that depend on Real-time streaming protocol to deliver video content 

2. Choosing Faster internet Connection and Video streaming Platform 

Broadcasters need a faster internet connection for live video streaming. We recommend you to stick with cable internet connections as they are much more reliable and faster. This type of internet connection is enough for the live streaming of videos. You can use wifi connection if you don’t have any other option. It would be a bad idea if u go with a mobile internet connection 

They should have a minimum upload speed for video depending upon the quality of video you are streaming. Internet connection uploading speed should be doubler than the video quality you are streaming on the web. So that users viewing your live stream will be of good quality and there will be no  lagging  

Choosing a Video streaming platform provides a better live streaming service, control over the video, brand recognition and privacy controls and generating revenue through monetization. Depending upon live event streaming, time duration and large storage you have to choose the correct streaming platform according to your needs.

3. Choosing business model, Scheduling Stream and Embedding video player into the website

After choosing a Video streaming platform you have to choose a business model. The first type of model is the subscription type model as add value to viewers as they get access to every live stream on a monthly basis or yearly basis. There is also another transactional model viewers have to pay for every live video streaming. Adding your old and previous video streams to the platforms add value to the viewers. They can  access the content as they meant to feel worthy of the money they spent on subscription 

Scheduling streams at least one week before makes broadcasters very well prepared. So they can have clear cut ideas of what needs to be done during live video streaming. Viewers can experience the same emotions as if they are watching a webinar or live sports event.

To start live streaming you have to embed code to websites such as javascript as it is widely supported in a variety of browsers and devices. At the final step, you  have to embed video into your live streaming website by accessing an HTML editor which varies from one website hosting platform to another 

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After getting Live recording equipment and encoders, selecting faster internet connections and live streaming platform and finally embedding your video into the website your completely into your first live video streaming. We hope that this blog gives you good knowledge about building a live streaming platform.

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