How Taxi Dispatch System made the Taxi business “BOOM”?

The taxi dispatch system is an E-allocation method of allocating the jobs to the Taxi drivers. It has been done based on technology like Geo-fencing to know the availability of the taxi in or near the Geo-fence of a customer. This system has been used to map the customers along with the taxi driver for travelling to a certain location from the pick-up location. This system has been used to favour both customers and driver the admin panel will be using this system to support and analyze the customers and drivers.

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The system will be differing from one component to another, which is:

  • Driver-based Application
  • Customer-based Application
  • Admin based Application

Driver-based Application:

The driver-based application has been used by the drivers to provide an immediate response for both admin and the customer. This application has been used to communicate with the driver and to avoid any miscommunications like allotted the same ride to different drivers. Each driver will be given a UID to avoid any kind of miscommunications, which will lead to affect the brand image of a taxi company.

Elements of Driver-based Application:

Communicating platform: This application can be used by the driver for communicating the uncertain situation like delay, unexpected emergency. Which will helps the admin panel to switch the ride to another taxi.

Statistical Data: The statistical data of a driver like the history of the rides attended, distance covered for a certain period of time, salary and commission details, etc.

Location of the customer: The location of the customer can be tracked through this application by using technologies like GPS.

Customer-based Applications:

The customer-based application has been created for the customers to use the service with ease. It has been created for customers to track the taxi location. This application also contains the details regarding the history of rides taken by the customer, the cost of the ride, etc.

Elements of Customer-based Application:

Easy login: The login process has been designed to be customer friendly and easy to access the application. The features like login through Facebook or Google+ has made the login lot simpler and easy to use.

Providing options: The options have been provided by the company for the customers based on their needs like Bike Taxi to Luxury Taxi. It can be done either automatically or manually.

Providing wallets: E-wallets has been provided by the taxi companies to provide offers for the customers. Giving the cash backs in wallets will make the customers commence more rides. Refer and earn can be done to increase the customer base.

Historical data: Historical data of a customer has been enabled in the application which contains all the details about the rides commenced using the application, cost spent on the rides, etc.

Safety options: Safety option has been concentrated in this application like emergency contacts, SOS.

Feedback box: The customer-based application will be having an option for giving feedback on the ride commenced and the service gained from the company.

Admin-based Applications:

The Admin-based application fully focused on the administration side of the company. It has full access over the operations of an application. It has been used to avoid the flaws in the operations of a business.

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Elements of Admin-based Application:

Categorization: The Admin-based application has been used to categorize the business based on the characteristics of the customer and the driver.

Administration and Allocation of service: The admin-based application has been used for administration purposes like live updates and the allocation purposes like allocation of a ride for the driver and customer.

Support system: The Admin-based application has been used as a support system for communicating with both customers and driver to resolve the issue if anything occurs.

“The taxi despatch system has been a great idea for gaining a huge customer base which will be providing all the service in a single touch.”

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