How the Schedule Taxi works and why to prefer schedule taxi ?

People will be exciting when they come to some important festivals,functions or events. Its common for anyone to forget  about his travel mode in these busy days.So he has to skip the most awaited moments for want of a taxi.This problem can be easily overcome through “Schedule Taxi”.

The schedule taxi is a process of scheduling the ride for the future days. The person can schedule his taxi based on his need before the commencement of the ride.

How to Schedule a Taxi

  • Click Ride Later: While entering the application there will be two options below the build-in map which is Ride Now and Ride Later/Schedule. Ride Now option is to ride immediately. Ride later/ Schedule Option is to schedule the ride for the future.
  • Giving Location: After clicking the above option, the customer has to provide the pick-up and drop location. 
  • Schedule the Time: After providing the location, the customer needs to schedule the time and date of the ride.
  • Payment process: The payment process can be done before or after the ride, based on the customer.

Why Schedule a Taxi?

  • To avoid last-minute tension/hurdle: While booking a taxi, the availability has always been a problem if its a peak hour. It can be a last-minute hurdle to travel. So, by using schedule option the person can travel at his desired scheduled time even during the peak hour.
  • To get the desired choice of travel: As a customer, while travelling in a taxi they tend to look for more comfort over their basic need. While planning to travel for a special occasion like a marriage they have to travel in the vehicle they desire. By scheduling the taxi before the occasion can satisfy the customer better.
  • Knowing the expense before the ride: There are some customers, who prefer to plan their expenses before their travel. It is easy for them to calculate their expenses when they schedule the ride.
  • To get better service: The company can provide better service when they are getting a scheduled ride. As they will try to send their best man to finish the job without sending a person who is nearby.
  • Used for Allowance/Reimbursement: There are certain customers, who travel for on-job occasions like meetings. For that kind of travel, the customer can opt for schedule taxi where they can claim for Allowance/reimbursement before the ride itself. 
  • Anytime cancellation: The customer can cancel their ride anytime with or without some charges based on the service provider.

Things which are being used in schedule taxi:

  • SMS notification: After the confirmation of the ride, the customer will be notified in SMS, regarding confirmation and the details provided for the ride. 
  • Live location: The location of both the driver and the customer will be shared between them to locate them.
  • OTP: Before commencing a ride , the driver should check the one-time password of a customer for confirmation.
  • E-billing: After the commencement of the ride, the customers will be getting an E-bill either in their Application or in the mail.
  • Feedback: After the commencement of the ride, the customers are given a chance to provide their feedback. The feedback box can also have some graphical forms like smilies or stars to rate their service.


The schedule taxi service is more of a preplanned service which has been used by the customer who prefers online taxi booking over traditional taxi booking service. The schedule taxi service aims at customers who prefer to book the taxi before sometime or days from the date of the ride.

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