How to Backup and Restore the Magento 2 Database?

How to backup and Restore the Magento 2 Database?. It is a common question that raised if one planning for migrating the Magento store.

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Every store owner should know how to take backups and restore their data in the Magento database platform, since they compete in the business to lift their tasks. Whether they own small or big store owners, they must be thorough in protecting their data in crucial situations by taking backups and restoring in some other ways.

Migration of data, for any large or small businesses, maybe a complicated one and at sometimes, risky procedure, so Cart-to-Cart takes the security aspect of it very seriously. We create backups on your source and restore them before each migration.

If you want to create Magento 2 database backups on your own the following article is just for you – it’ll describe two simple ways of making data backup and restoring sites properly during the Magento migration process.

Backup and restore Magento 2 database: A step-by-step process

Procedures of backing up and restoring on Magento are fairly straightforward:

  1. First Log in to your Magento admin panel,
  2. Then to System->Tools->Backups
  3. Three options will appear:

        a)System Backup

       b) Database and Media backup

       c) Database backup

  • System Backup is the most radical one – it’ll pack your entire source code with the database into one archive.
  • Database and Media backup can save the database and media content.
  • Database Backup has a meaning within it – it will take the Magento store data. We have the option to choose and click one of the orange buttons.
  1. Confirm it in the warning window and mention the backup name in the box that appears.

Also, there will be an option to turn the maintenance mode while the procedure is ongoing. We recommend marking a tick next to it so that no database changes happen while you are backing it up.

  1. Soon Database backup has been created! A message will appear.

Besides Magento’s dashboard, we can log into any hosting admin panel and backup the database from there.

Since many of our users use cPanel, we’ll take it for another.

  1. Log in to the admin panel and in the Files section press Backups
  2. Choose the kind of website backup to be created – full, partial, or database backup. In case of the latter option – click on the name of the needed database.
  3. That’s all. At once look for the database archive in your Downloads folder.

How to restore data from database backup?

Restoring the Magento database is very simple.

In Magento admin panel:

Navigate to System->Tools->Backups, select the needed backup and click Rollback

In your hosting’s cPanel:

Step to Backup and restore a Magento 2 database MySQL Backup and upload the backup archive.

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