How to add countries in Prestashop

All your countries need to know your prestashop installation to specify exactly where your customers live in the world.

There are about 200 countries in the world, but prestashop has 244 registered. This is because in some countries overseas are the right part of the country.

For example, French fields known as DOM (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, and French Guiana) are equivalent to France’s metropolitan area. Similarly, the US states of Alaska and Hawaii are accurate.

Still, sending a packet to Guadeloupe is not just to send to France, it is only a shipping fee. Thus, the list of countries in prestashop actually divides the country from major countries.

By default, only your own country is permitted. If your customers need it, you have to do one thing. If it does not work, check your statistics to see most visitors’ countries.

At the bottom of the list, the “Country Preferences” section will only be displayed in the countries where your carriers hide in your front office. We recommend that you run this setting because all countries must list the customers to find their own country.

Adding a New Country

In general, it comes to all countries in the prestashop database. But if you are newly created, you have to add a new country

  • Country: The official name of the country you want to add to all supported languages. If you are not sure about the name, verify the country’s Wikipedia page.
  • ISO code: The ISO-3166 code of the country, Page, which you get on the official ISO page: (
  • Call prefix: Its international calling code, you can find on this Wikipedia page: (
  • Default currency: You can use the default currency of your store (either in the “localization” menu, or under “localization” page), or one of the other currencies installed If necessary, remember that you can add a new currency to your store using the “Currencies” page. Under “localization” page one of the other currencies installed
  • Zone: This country is connected to any world. If necessary, you can add new zones using the “Zones” page under the “localization” menu.
  • Is it a zip / postal code? A user living in this country indicates whether or not you want to give a ZIP code when you sign your store.

Zip / Postcode format: You can give further detail in the form of postal code (or zip code). If you do not put anything, if you are given a new address in this country, prestashop does not validate the validation of the code.

Use the following code for the postcode: “L” for one letter, “N” for one number and “C” for the ISO code (you are in the ISL field above).

If you do not know the country’s postal code, please do not copy / paste the code from the Wikipedia page (! For example, Wikipedia refers to Malta “AAA 9999 *”, so the details for prestashop becomes “LLL NNNN” (without the final *).

Address format:  Provide details about the address structure when displaying it to customers. You can also click on various help links in the text-field page in order to add more fields. In live application, the client will automatically transfer the data to the prestashop with data.

Your changes will be saved when you save the whole page. If you made a mistake, you can use one of the four help buttons below of the form depending on your situation.

Active: A disabled country is not recommended as an option when the visitor wants to register and create a new account.

Includes states: Indicates whether or not the “states” of the country. This adds a new domain for the prestashop address form. The “states” may be regions, provinces, departments … that country’s postal service will be meaningful.

Do you have a tax identification number? And visual line label (eg “line incl.”): A tax identification number is the ID number used by the country’s revenue service in the administration of tax laws. There is no such number of businesses for each country. Please inquire about the country’s revenue service.

Shop Association: You can only create a country for choosing your stores, for example a specific language referencing stores.





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