How to add Shopping Carts Management in Prestashop

Wcomm features some powerful marketing features that will help customers to see their products in real time with their customers. There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Go to the “Customer” page in the “Customer” menu, find the customer you are looking for and visit his customer profile. On that profile, you go to the “Shopping Carts” section and you can see all the vehicles created by this customer.
  2. Go to the “Shopping Carts” page in the “Customer” menu. Carts are sorted by ID. Find the customer you are looking for.

In both cases, click on the “View” icon to see your customer’s cart content and improve your business use this information to develop your viable performance.

On the card page, the most important information is in the “cart summary” category, the products selected for the purchase of the customer, the price of each item, the size of the cart, and their total value cart.

Manage abandoned carts

The abandonment of sediment often depreciates a sale. The “shopping cart” page refers to carts that do not change the correct commands, and it’s up to you to remind customers that they can come back to complete their purchase.

Abandoned carts (or “ghost carts”) must remove the link at the end of each row, while the carts are executed without removable connections that mean the purchase is confirmed and you have to send the items.

By default, it is up to you to communicate with his abandoned cart client. You can install Customer Following Volumes, which are available in the default installation, and make sure you are the best customers who are thankful for those who have abandoned their storehouses or who want to thank you for their sake. Be sure to be their purchaser and trustworthy … It’s misleading: Some customers can drop carts in order to get a voucher…





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