How to build Email Templates in Magento 2

In the last article, we know basic information about Magento 2 Email templates. Many types, right? Now we believe you are very interested in how to build everything, but we cannot do it in a moment. Here, we will study how to build email templates in Magento 2. The following steps are:

Step 1: Preparing your email logo

Step 2: Upload your logo

Step 3: Choose the header and footer templates

Preparing your email logo

  • Logos will be stored in the following file types: jpg / jpeg, gif and png
  • To ensure that your logo is best provided on high logo devices, the amount of dimensions specified in the uploaded image title template should be three times. Usually, the original logo artwork is created as a vector image, so it can not reduce the loss of resolution. Then the image can be saved in one of the bitmap image formats.

  • As a general rule, you can create a smaller image than the original, but the resolution is not great without losing. Taking a small picture and scaling it in a photo editor reduces the resolution of the film. For example, if the exhibit measurements of the logo are 168 pixels wide
  • 48 pixels maximum in title template, the uploaded image should have a maximum of 504 pixels wide, 144 pixels.

Upload your logo

  • First, go from Admin sidebar to Store> Settings> Configuration> General. Then, select the design under General design
  • Secondly, expand the emails section. Then do the following:
  1. Tap the Find the file on your computer and select the file.
  2. In the logo image Alt field, enter the alternate text to identify the image.
  3. Enter logo width and logo height in pixels. Enter each value for each number. These values ​​represent the visual dimensions of the logo in the title and not the actual size of the image.

Choose the header and footer templates

  • Choose the header template for all transaction email messages.
  • Choose the footer template for all transaction email messages.
  • When finished, tap the Save Copy.

Notice: If you have custom store and footer templates in your store, or in different stores, you can specify the framework used for each template, according to purpose.

That is, we can configure email templates in Magento 2. With the information here, Magento 2 email templates will be your control. Use this Magento 2 framework perfectly, which can have a very good effect on your customers.






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