How to Change PDF Invoice and Shipment logo in Magento 2?

Here are some steps which help to change the PDF invoice and Shipment Logo in Magento 2.

The default pattern is not calm and attractive, with the default logo from Magento as Magento 2 Invoice. To change it, you might use your ecommerce business logo as well as a show on the invoice to brand your ecommerce business.

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For billing and other sales documents, you need to concentrate on the standard with high-resolution and 300 dpi images of the logo when setting the logo for the Invoice.

The image might be rendered to fit a space that is 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.

How to Change PDF Invoice and Shipment logo in Magento 2?

If you want to resize Magento 2 logo, you might consider keeping the ratio between width and height. Even in the case of the thumbnail appearing distorted, the ratio of the logo will be correct on the invoice.

The following methods are:

  1. To set up invoices and packing slips
  2. To replace an image

To set up billing and packing slips, follow this guide:

  • You may go to the Admin sidebar, then select Stores, and then select Settings, and you might select Configuration.
  • Then, you may look into the panel on the left, under Sales, you may tap Sales
  • You may open the Invoice and Packing Slip Design section. Then, you may do the following:

Change PDF Invoice Logo, Shipment logo in Magento 2

  • You may select File to upload the Logo for PDF Print-outs. You may select the logo, then choose Open
  • You may select Choose File to upload the Logo for HTML Print View. Tap the logo, then choose Open
  • Then you load your address to exhibit on packing slips and invoices.
  • Select Save Config when complete.
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To replace an image, follow this guide:

Change PDF Invoice and Shipment logo

  • Select File and select another logo file as you want.
  • For the picture, you want to replace, you might mark the Delete Image checkbox.
  • Then click Save Config.

I hope the following steps help you to change PDF Invoice and Shipment logo in Magento 2.

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Invoice and Shipment logo in Magento 2






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