How to configure popular search terms in Magento 2?

In this topic, the following steps help you to configure popular search terms in Magento 2:

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin Panel; choose Stores→ Settings→ Configuration.

Step 2: Then go to the left panel, and then under Catalog, select Catalog.

Step 3: Then open the Search Engine Optimization section.

Step 4: You can allow Popular Search Terms.

Step 5: To finish, you can save Config.

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How to configure popular search terms in Magento 2?

In Magento 2 Store, Admin is building up search terms that mean customers only need to type the product’s keywords then get them in search results. In addition, you can make a small survey of customer requests by tracking what your customers are searching for on your ecommerce website via searches.

This is the time to add to your list when the number of searches for an unavailable product is insufficiently large.

Configure popular search terms

Configure popular search terms in Magento 2

However, if customers leave without any item at this time, you can follow the following ways:


Because people can use different words to explain an item they have found, it is a great way to make catalog search easier and more flexible are synonyms. For example, permit inserting synonyms of “computer” such as “PC”, “Mobile”, “Tablet”, etc.

Misspelled words

When customers search for your products and show them to the appropriate page, this way helps you identify the common misspelling.

Landing page

You can use a product detail page, a category page, a content page, or a different site for the search with landing pages.

To build up popular search terms, this post is easily described, and when it comes to the next topic, you can find tips by including search terms and reporting search time.

To allow your visitors to quickly access their interests, connect the search terms in the footer of your product page, and also find popular search terms used by other customers.

The search terms page is indexed by search engines so that search engines do not connect directly to the search process, and the search terms are considered as a search engine optimization tool, and any of the pages of the page can help your search engine rank higher and visibility of your ecommerce Store.

We hope you have a bit learned about to configure popular search terms in Magento 2.

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 configure popular search terms in Magento 2






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