How to configure URL rewrites in Magento 2

The following steps help you to configure URL rewrites in Magento 2

Step 1: To permit URL Rewrites

  • Stores>Configuration>Web
  • Enlarge Search Engine Optimization
  • Set Use Web Server Rewrites to “Yes”
  • After complete, save configure

Step 2: To Setup automatic redirect

  • Stores>configuration>Catalog
  • Enlarge Search Engine Optimization
  • Set Create Permanent redirect for URLs
  • Then save configure

Hi Everyone,

When the rewrites go in to effect, some links that point to the previous URL are redirected to the new address. URL rewrites create it possible to make accessible URLs more “search Engine Friendly” and also simple for humans to reads. Enabling Web Server Apache Rewrites is the part of the initial Magento 2 setup. Magento 2 usually uses URL rewrites to eliminate the file name “index.php” that normally appear in the URL just after the root folder. When Web Server rewrites are permitted, the system rewrites each URL to omit “index.php”. The rewrite reduces words that suggest nothing of value to search engines or customers and has no impact on performance or site position.

Here, we will discuss how to set up URL Rewrites tool and Automatic Product Redirects:

How to permit URL Rewrites

Step 1: On the Admin side bar, select stores. Then choose configuration. In the panel on the left, choose Web.

Step 2:

Then Enlarge Search Engine Optimization section

Step 3:

Use Web Server Rewrites to “yes”

Step 4:

After complete, select Save Config

Besides your store can be configured to routinely generate a permanent redirect whenever the URL key of a product changes. In SEO section of the product records, the check box below the URL key indicates if permanent redirects permit for a catalog. If your store is already configured to routinely redirect catalog URLs, making redirect is a simple as updating the URL input.

How to Setup automatic redirect

  Step 1:

On the Admin sidebar, choose stores. Then under setting, select configuration. In the Panel on the left under catalog, select Catalog.

Step 2:

Enlarge Search Engine Optimization Section

Step 3:

Tap create permanent redirect for URLs if URL key changed to “yes”.

Step 4:

  • Select Save config
  • Moreover, to automatically redirect catalog URLs, we follow this process:

On the Admin sidebar, choose Products and select Catalog. Then find the products in the list, and click to open the record. In the panel on the left, select Search engine Optimization.

In the URl field, do the following:

  • Make sure that the Create Permanent Redirect for old URL checkbox is selection. If not, follow the instructions to permits automatic redirects
  • Update the URL key as needed, using all lowercase characters and hyphens instead of spaces. Then choose

When prompted to energize the cache and index, follow the links in the messages that appear at the top of the workspace. The permanent redirect is now in effect for the product and any associated category URLs. To view the redirect records, on the Admin sidebar, select Marketing. Then under SEO and Search, choose URL Rewrites. The Most recent permanent redirects appear at the top of the list.

I hope the following steps help you to configure URL rewrites in Magento 2






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