How to create your contacts Management in Prestashop

Your contacts

You can create multiple contact accounts to communicate with your customers. For example: customer service, technical support, sales department, etc. This feature allows your customers to communicate directly to their customers directly.

Creating new contact

In order to send a message back to the recipient, you need to configure contacts in your store.

By clicking on the “Contacts” page under the “Customers” menu, you can access the existing list of contacts.

Click the “Add new” button to access the form creation form:

Title:  Contact Name: Name of a person’s name or service. “I have a problem with my order”, “I want to return a product” or “I like a partner” may choose to use a phrase.

E-mail address: Address can be like another contact. Actually, if you do not really have a group, all the contacts can be shared at the same address – customers never know, but many contacts trust your store because many people work for your shop.

Save messages:  Please indicate whether the e-mail address should be stored within the “Customer Service” tool or sent to the email address. If disabled, Wcomm does not help you with customer service for this contact. Since you do not want this access to your customer service staff, it’s useful for “partner e-mail”.

Description: Make it shorter, than a single line, as shown in the customer form in the contact form.

How does the customer contact you?

To contact the appropriate team of staff from your store’s front office, click on the “Contact” link at the top of the Customer’s Page or the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page. Contact form appears.

The customer has requested to contact you later, enter the email address and complete the message. A dropdown menu chooses which row is discussed and any product from that order.





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