How to create Customer Groups in Prestashop

Wcomm permits you to provide your customers assured privileges, by conveying them to Groups. You can create as various customer groups as required, and allocate a user to as many groups as you like.

This is all finished from the “Groups” page, below the “Customers” menu

By default, three special groups are available:

Visitor: All persons without a customer account or illegitimate.

Guest: All persons who placed an order with the Guest Checkout – which option needs to be permitted.

Customer: All the people who have created an account in your store, and are recognized.

These three groups cannot be removed.

To create more groups, tap the “Add new” button: You will get the form you create.

  • Name: Use a short and illustrated name.
  • Discount (%): The discount you set for members of this group applies to all items in your store. You do not want to set a discount price; you may want to create cart rules. This guide will find out more about the rules of the cart in the next phase, “Creating Price Rules and Vouchers
  • Price view mode: Wcomm is often used in the Business to Business (B2B) section. You can create a group of customers who can buy products without paying taxes. The drop-down list gives you the option of “tax included” and “tax excluded”.
  • Show prices: By default, all customers of your store can find prices. You may want something that does not have access to your product prices. For example, if you have an account, users can see prices only: From the list of groups, click the green “Yes” button in the “Show prices” column for the “Visitors” group to turn it into a red “No”.

While these settings are in place, you can save the group or add each category and / or each module settings. In that second case, after the group is saved, re-open it: the form will still load two options:

  • Category Discount: Click the word “Add a category discount” to get a new window, which includes a lists of all your categories. You can select one and apply only to a group of specific customers and apply only to that category. Note:
  • Products that have this nature as their nature are discounted. This type of products will not be affected as a secondary category.
  • This type of discount will replace any other discounts that you will enjoy in this section unless members of this group.
  • If you need, you can add several types of discounts for this customer group – so that this team can provide you with a different discount amount if necessary.
  • Approved blocks: This section helps you block members of this group to access and use some of your units. For example, some customers will not be able to see your top sellers or your merits.

You can include a customer to a group of your option by editing customer details: From the Customer List (in the “Customers” menu on the “Customers” menu), click the Edit button in the Customer Order. Then, in the “Group Access” chart, select the group (s) that your customer wants. If the customer is allocated to more than one group, remember to set up their main group with the “Default Customer Group” option.





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