How to create a new state in local settings in PrestaShop

In this article, we will show you how to create a new state in local settings in PrestaShop.


By “States”, PrestaShop describe primary-level administrative divisions of a country. It is called as states in the United-States, It is called as regioni (Singular: regione) in Italy, it is called as regions in France and in the United-kingdom.

By default, PrestaShop presents you with a set of states such as; in US there are 54 states and territories, in Mexican it is 31 estados, in Canadian it is 13 provinces and territories, in Indonesian it is 34 provinsi, in Argentinian it is 24 provincias, in Japanese it is 47 todōfuken, and in Italian it is 110 province (singular: provincia).

Including states accurately described in your database that assist finer characterize the delivery possibilities of your carriers. These states preserve to be necessary for tax rated estimation, depending on the particular country. Hence, it is significant to go into every given country’s administrative sections if it is important to your carriers.

You can also find a record of such sections on this Wikipedia page: (

The PrestaShop address form at present only lists states that are existing to decide  for the customer. As a result, be sure to utilize a sensible list as soon as including the content to your states list. That is the cause, for example, the list hold Italian Province (second-level administrative divisions) somewhat than regioni (first-level administrative divisions).

Adding a New State:

If you want to generate a new state. Then, click the “Add New” button to obtain the creation form.

It consists of:

  • Name
  • ISO code
  • Country
  • Zone
  • Status


Name feature indicates the state’s name, as it is supposed to be exhibited on invoices and the package. As a result it must be in the state country’s language.

ISO Code:

ISO code indicates the state’s ISO 3166-2 code:

1) First step is get into this Wikipedia page; ( )

2) Second step is select the state’s country two-letter code that is displayed in the “Entry” Column of the main tabel.

3) Find the state’s code on that page.

4) Remove the Country’s prefix in order to keep the code below 4 characters, if there is one.


Country feature indicate its country via drop-down list.


Zone feature point out its environmental zone via drop-down list. Give awareness not to use the wrong zone, since zone can merge up PrestaShop’s country and Zone settings.


Status feature indicate a non-permitted state will not be recommended as an option while a visitor wants to register and generate a new account.

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