Prestashop order management: How to create order message there?

Learn what is PrestaShop order management and how to create orders there in the PrestaShop with a few steps.

Now, we are going to see what is an order message, how to create a new message, and how to send a message to a customer in PrestaShop.

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Order Message Management in PrestaShop

Order Messages:

When you are required to send a message to your customers applying the PrestaShop interface (from the order page), then you can decide to save this message in order to send it out over again to other customers with alike questions, comments, or concerns.

For doing this, depart to the “Order Messages” page below the “Orders” menu. One default message is previously saved: “Delay”.

Creating a new message for order management:

For adding another message, click on the “Add New” button. You can also be able to correct the default message.

Prestashop order management

The form goes to the basics:

  • Name: Give a descriptive name for your message, so that you can effortlessly discover it yet again afterward.
  • Message: write down the content that you desire to send to your customers.

Once everything is finished, then click on “Save”.

Like this, you can generate as numerous messages as wanted.

Sending a message to a PrestaShop Platform customer:

When the pre-written messages are all set, you can send them by departing in a straight line into a customer’s order:

The steps are:

  • First step is to select the pre-written message.
  • Second step is to edit the message, if required, in order to modify it for the customer.
  • Third step is to enable the “Display to the customer?” option.
  • The final step is to click “Send message”.


Prestashop order management

At last, your customer will get the message on the email address connected with this account. To follow up on the alteration, depart to the “Customer Service” page, in the “Customers” menu.

By following the above procedures you will be able to know about the PrestaShop order management, how to create it, and how to send them to a customer in PrestaShop.

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