How to create price rules and vouchers in pricing rules in  prestashop

Creating Price Rules and Vouchers in prestashop

Now, we are going to see about how to create pricing rules and vouchers in prestashop.


Vouchers take part as an significant position in your day by day dealings with your customers. Usually, while shopping customers will be liking two things, such as:

  • Feeling Special, distinctive
  • Receiving Good Prices

The above two things can be attained with adapted discounts, and this is accurately wherever vouchers move towards play – or more accurately, price rules.

Price Rules:

Two forms are taken in “Price rules”:

They are:

  1. Cart Rules
  2. Catalog Price Rules

Cart Rules:

Cart rules are the fact for the successor to vouchers, and also they were recognized in earlier versions of Prestashop.

Mostly, cart rules is helped to make each-customer voucher codes, excluding many more.

Catalog Price Rules:

Catalog Price rules allows you to allocate price falling by grouping, producer, provider, attribute or feature.

For Example, You can create a rule for Spanish customers that would say and fit into the “Good Clients” group can get 10% off on your Electronics grouping and all Sony products for the initial week of july.

The above information will show you how to create price rules and vouchers in pricing rules in prestashop. For further information contact us.





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