How to define social titles in Prestashop

The Social titles Tool allows your customers to better define: Customers can only show the social payments listed in the customer list. Modules can stay in social titles for some aspects.

Tap on the “Add new” button conveys you to a form:

  • Social Title: The most important thing when your departure is from the most common (“sar”, “lady”, “lady”, “gentleman”, “Gentleman”, “Gentleman”, “Money Carrier” …)
  • Gender: Some topics apply to both men and women customers, or not. In that last case, you have to set the option “neutral”.
  • Image: 16 * 16 pictures file representing the title. Classic gender labels are Mars and Venus (♂ and ♀), but there are many possibilities. Wcomm aids you bring your work with a distinctive image.
  • Image Width and Image Height: Wcomm works best with 16 * 16 image and the size of your image will change if it is larger than that. However, you may feel the need to use larger images, and these two options can help you set the right size for your image. If you enter “0”, Wcomm simply uses the original size of the image.





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