How to disable forced password change in Magento 2?

In this article, I will show you How to disable forced password change in Magento 2. This new feature will increase your Magento 2 online store security, but for developers, it is very frustrating to change the password from time to time. With our development settings, we disable it.

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Disable forced password change in Magento 2

If you are sitting on this form first you need to set up the new password. You are redirected from each adminhtml menu in this form. You don’t have to set up a new password; it must be a new one. Magento 2 will monitor your previously used passwords! This is a good error message if you try the older one:

In all of my development settings, I set stores -> Advanced -> Admin -> “Recommended” rather of being forced to change password. It’s a best idea to change a password routine, but for me this force is a little bit overwhelming. It is absolutely unnecessary in the development process. If you want to set high quality standards, you can’t change this. Another one is to change the lifetime of a lifetime of 90 days

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Magento 2 has more advanced security features than its older version. Security is always a good and best idea, but I think most of these features have been found to give a good sense of store owners. Magento has one security issues and many security links. But if your password is too secured and you change each weakness, the known security leak may be completely free. If your server attacks files or attacks access to the database, the administrator password will not block him.

Don’t forget, you need to install security attachments quickly and hold your store on a protected web server. That’s all about the process to disable forced password change in Magento 2.

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