How to edit product page with Magento 2 Shopping tools

You may know that this is very important in your store to capture customer attention on product pages. With Magento 2, a powerful collection of shopping tools includes editing a product page that creates the opportunity for customers to interact with your store and share experiences with friends.

So now, in this post, you are introduced to how to edit the product page Magento 2 shopping tools to capture more clients.

How do you expect when you click on the products page?

You will satisfy with the following parts of the product that will make page looks like:

  • Mini shooting card
  • A little help
  • Product rankings
  • Get stock
  • Choose Options
  • Zoom
  • Buy it now
  • Add to wish list
  • Compare products

What kinds of shopping tools Magento 2 offers?

  1. Email a FriendRelated image

Email a Friend Connect makes it easy for your customers to share links to their friends with their friends. The Magento demo store looks like an envelope icon for a friend’s link to the email. Your voice and brand newsletter template can be customized. To prevent spamming, you can control the number of receivers per email, and the number of products that can be shared within an hour.

  1. Wish ListImage result for luma wishlist

A wish list a record customer can share with friends or a list of stored items to transfer to the next week. When the listings option is enabled, the link to the wish list will appear in each product category, product and product pages. Depending on the theme, it may be a text link or a graphic image. Shared wish lists are sent from the email address, but there is something in the message body

Personalized note from customer you can customize the email template used when the listings are desired, and choose the contact that appears as the sender. Update lists can be updated from the customer account’s dashboard, add or modify items between the list and cart that the customer or shop administrator wishes.

  1. Compare Products

Related image

Compare Products produces a detailed and side-by-side comparison of two or more products. You can customize the claim to add additional attributes or erase the ones you do not want to add. Depending on the theme, compare the link and represented by an icon or text.

  1. Product review

Related image

Product reviews help create a sense of community and are more reliable than buying any advertising money. In fact, some search engines offer higher rankings than sites with product products. Product reviews help you find your store, engage them, and often lead to sales.

Customers can write reviews for any product on your listing. You can write a review page from the product page by clicking on “Add your review” link. For non-reviewed products, the link “First of all is the first to review these products”. Reviews tab lists all current reviews and submission form for a rating.

  1. Product rating

Image result for luma product rating in Magento

When customers review a product, the default ratings are quality, price, and value. In addition to this, you can add your own custom ratings. Five star ratings appear on the listing pages are average for each product.






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