Prestashop customer management: How to enable outstanding reports from it?

Learn what is PrestaShop customer management and how to enable outstanding reports from the directory in a few steps.

Now, we are going to see how outstanding reports are used in customer management in PrestaShop.

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Outstanding Reports From PrestaShop Customer Management

The outstanding reports page will be available only when you enable PrestaShop B2B features. If you want to do outstanding reports, then move to the Customer Preferences page, and select “Yes” for the “Enable B2B mode” option.

Outstanding report means that the sum of money you are permitting them to purchase your products earlier than they actually want to pay for you. This page shows you the outstanding report for some of your customers.

Enabling the Outstanding Feature:

Three fields are additionally added to the customer formation form, only during the B2B mode is enabled. (when preferences > customers page).

Prestashop customer management

They are;

  • Allowed outstanding amount
  • Maximum number of payment days
  • Risk rating

Allowed outstanding amount for customer:

This term indicates that the upper limit of the money that this customer can utilize it as outstanding.

Maximum number of payment days:

This term indicates that the greatest quantity of days the customer can go previous to pay his outstanding.

Risk Rating:

This term indicates the risk factor that this customer consists of: None, Low, Medium, or High. You have to decide that if a customer is a risky supporter of your outstanding feature, or if he will surely pay at that particular time.

These fields should be filled for every professional customer by you.

Current Outstanding of customer management screen:

When a customer purchases a product from your shop with an outstanding allowance, it becomes visible on the customers > Outstanding page. This helps you to obtain a summary of your present outstanding invoices.

Prestashop customer management

That’s all, this is what outstanding reports are, its enabling features, and it’s the current outstanding screen.

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