How to enable Shipping and Logistics in native marketing module in PrestaShop

Shipping and Logistics in PrestaShop:

Now, in this article we will learn about how to enable shipping and logistics in native marketing module in prestashop.

Compare Carrier:

If a customer wants to enable carrier compare possibilities ahead of ongoing with the checkout process, this module is used.

To show its option on your front office, simply install this module it is very straightforward one.

Each and every carriers are required to have their fees correctly set. At the bottom “Shipping” page, it is done in the “Fees by carrier, geographical zone, and ranges”.

“Refresh Carrier list method” is the only one option for the module configuration page. This permits you to show a carrier moreover only, when all the information is set, or at any occasion.

Date of Delivery:

An estimated delivery date during the checkout process is viewed in this module.

Two sections are available in the configuration page:

  • Carrier Configuration
  • Settings

1) Carrier Configuration:

In Carrier configuration, this module relies on suggestion as of your carriers. You have to then include rules for each and every of your carriers, by selecting on the “Add a new Carrier rule” link.

2) Settings:

  • Extra time when a product is out of stock
  • Extra time for preparation of the order
  • Preparation Option
  • Date format

Extra time when a product is out of stock: It may take an approximate time for your team to re-stock products. This setting option is only helpful if customers be able to order out-of-stock products (the choice for these settings is in the “Products” preference page, in the “Products Stock” section).

Extra time for preparation of the order: Approximate the time ir may take your team to prepare an order.

Preparation Option: If your packaging team is working also on weekends, then point out it, as it capture this into account.

Date Format: The predictable delivery date is shown in this format and it make use of PHP date() format, every letter has a sense, as explicate in the directed link. In the format” l j F Y”, the date will be showed as “Saturday 21 January 2018” by default. You can utilize to construct the date format with the numerous numbers of parameters as it fit: see

Adding up a fresh carrier rule is appealing straightforward:

  • Carrier: If you want to insert the rule then, choose the carrier. Incase, if the carrier which you wished for is not there, then you must create it on your own in the Shipping > Carriers Page.
  • Delivery Between: To deliver products, situate the timeframe in which the selected carrier promises. From the carrier, you have to collect these information’s.
  • Preparation Options: Few carriers also arrange their packages on weekend days, as a result to send them initial thing on Monday Morning. If so, then be sure to point out it.

Fedex (fedexcarrier):

Give some tender to your customers, i.e.) some dissimilar delivery methods with Fedex.

  • Globkurier
  • Poland only

The one of the main national leaders in delivering shipments is More than 200 countries, this company grants domestic and international services. Our core intends are competitive price, speed and security. You can be clear in mind that your shipments will always come up on time. In addition we present ease of using our services.


Gointerpay take more than 200 payment types to you to investigate with one easy combination.

Kiala Advanced (Kiala contract holders only):

To deliver the parcels for your customers in a Kiala collection point, then this module will make it possible. Kiala points are broadly existing in France, and in addition to extra select European Countries.

To utilize this module, you should have a kiala account. Also you can get the sign-up from here:

In the “Kiala Module Status” section, arrange the module with every information about you and your shop in the form.

The “Country settings” section supplementary downward assist you to point out in which countries you want to make Kiala delivery accessible for your customers.

Lastly, the “Kiala advanced settings” section includes a small amount of options:

  • Export folder
  • Prefix for order and Parcel number
  • Export on Each Order
  • Parcel tracking criterion
  1. Export Folder: This is the narrow folder where the module determines to save its export, including a lot of helpful information.
  2. Prefix for Order and Parcel number: This will be able to include a shop-specific prefix for your shop, which formulate it and seem more modified for your customers.
  3. Export On Each Order?: You may wish to have a numerous order-specific export files moderately than a large one.
  4. Parcel Tracking Criterion?: If suppose the parcel be followed on a per-customer or a per-order basis? Carry on it to per order, if you are not sure.

On one occasion if the settings are in place, then your customers be able to see the “Kiala” option that come into view in the shop’s front office as a division of the available delivery techniques.

Mondial Relay:

Native marketing module allows you to show rates for distributing in Mondial Relay Points. Mondial relay services are available in France, Luxembourg, Spam and Belgium.

You ought to have a Mondial Relay account to utilize this service, once you reach sign-up from here: . Then, as of the configuration page, get on the “Account Details” icon, and go through the mandatory information given by Mondial Relay: Webservice Enseigne, Code Marque, Webservice Key and weight coefficient. The Etiquette’s language can only be used in languages implemented in your store; From the “Languages” page, you can still run the language in the “Localization” menu. To connect to Mondial Relay webservice to your store, click “Update Settings” and then follow the instructions in “Shipping” and “Advanced Settings” screens.

Your customers will be able to view the “Mondial Relay” option, one time the surroundings are in place, then the shop’s front office will display as a part of the avaibale delivery techniques.

So Colissimo:

To show rates for deliveries via SoColissimo which enables this module, it is examined by La Poste, France’s historical postal service and it mostly exists in France.

To employ this module you need to have a “SoColissimo” account. This is done by calling La Poste from a French phone by the 3634 number. Then, configure your SoColissimo information block: ID So, main, product time, over cost, URL so, Fancybox, custody and supervision URL. A complete document is available as a PDF file (in French), which can be found in the “document” link on the configuration page.

To complete the installation, copy / paste the two final URLs in your last SoColissimo back office.

Once the settings are situated up, you will find “SoColissimo” option in the store’s front office as division of your customers’ delivery techniques.

TNT Express France:

France only:

This module helps you to show the rates for distribution through TNT Express Services. This service is accessible globally.

You need a TNT account to utilize this module. You can get a registered form here:, then in the “Account Settings” tab, configures the module with your TNT login, password and account number.

From there, you can place the module using “shipping systems” and “service settings” tabs. This last tab helps you to be more precise about the delivery service accessible to your customers, and any extra fees you want depending on the weight of packages.

Once the settings are set up, your customers will appear in the shop’s front office of the store as part of the “TNT Express France” option distribution methods is obtainable.

Tracking-Front Office:

The absolute module of PrestaShop with an included agenda associate the characteristics, which facilitates your affiliate to admit their own statistics.

The “Status” menu is located on the “Referrers” page, the corresponding program tool is located. Once you have the “Tracking – Front Office” module installed, these connectors can access their statistics by going to

To create a new connection, click the “Add new” button, add the associated account username and password to the form in the form, and then specify a payment, order, and percentage of sales per click.

Click on the “Help” section of the section to show instructions on how to set the recommended URLs.

“Technical Information – Expert Mode” lets you use usual terms instead of normal text URLs.


Give your customers with dissimilar delivery techniques with UPS.


For United States Postal Service for Domestic shipping within the USA the shipping charges are calculated.

That’s all, for further information regarding how to enable shipping and logistics in native marketing module in PrestaShop. Then, don’t hesitate to contact us.





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