How to exhibit Advertising and Marketing in Prestashop

In this topic, we will discuss how to exhibit Advertising and Marketing from Native Marketing module in Prestashop

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising block

This module will show a block on the front office of your shop, including the image of your choice, with a link to any URL you decide. This is a very simple way to endorse another site: your blog, another store of yours, a friend or partner site, etc.

In the configuration page, you can upload an image, set the goal URL, and include a title to the image. Save and the image will show to all your visitors.

Customer follow-up

This module permits you to form e-mail alerts for your clients. It provides you a way to routinely send discount vouchers to some of your clients.

There are four types of event that can generate the sending of a voucher:

  • Canceled cart: create a discount when a cart does not become an order.
  • Validated order: create a discount when an order is validated.
  • Frequent customer: create a discount when the client reaches a definite number of orders.
  • Lost customer: create a discount when a client, who has already ordered once, has not come back to your site since

Please note that the “Canceled cart” and “Validated order” options can hazardous. For example, a customer must abandon a car and get a discount every time, so he will often abandon his car in order to get a coupon…

This module will work if you do a new cron task in place: it must daily call the URL that is representing at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can manually call that URL manually – but it’s quickly gets bored.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find two sections:

  • General There is only one option, “delete outdated discount during each initiate to clean the database”. If enabled, its function will be called URL every time.
  • Statistics: shows the number of discounts set during the last 30 days.

 Loyalty Lion

Include a loyalty program in your store within minutes. Increase sales and customer happiness by offering signatures, reviews, visits, recommendations and purchase points

Referral program

This module offers all the tools to convert your customers into their brand advertisers by their friends. You can beat new customers when you make your customers happier using a reference system.

The configuration screen has two sections. Here are the options in the “Settings” section

  • The Minimum number of orders a supporter friend must receive the voucher: Fill in the field with the value of your choice. Until this figure is reached, your customers can not take advantage of the discounts.
  • The Number of friends in the recommendation program invitation form: Fill in the value of your choice.
  1. Voucher type: You can give two types of drops, percentages or payments. Select the one you like, and then specify the discount value you want to apply in various currencies with the support of your store.
  2. Percentage: Default coupon is 5% of the order.
  3. Voucher amount: Default coupon is 5 of each currency.
  • Voucher description: Enter the coupon name in all the supported languages.

Once setup is done, click the “Save” button.

“Conditions of Referral Program” Where you want to enter the terms of your reference program, this is the new CMS page, you can set some limits to the voucher such that “voucher is valid for 1 year”.

Understanding the recommendation process

To fully describe how the program works, you can write a description of “Reference program rules”. Once the conditions are completed, click the “Refresh Text” button.

When your customers register, if they want to see the benefits they receive from this project, they should go to the “referral” section of their account. A new screen will appear.

Your customer will then enter the name and email address of the person you specify on your site. Once he clicks “confirm”, the people he enters will receive an email.

After the email was sent from “Pending Friends”, the Customer’s Dispatch Tool did not purchase. You can send an email by selecting the name and clicking “refer my friends”. You will receive an email to register friends and invite them to submit an order.

The last tab of “My Recommendations”, “Friends I’ve Sponsored”, allows customers who accepted the invitation from those who sent a note message and ordered an item to the store. When registering, the arbitrators need to mark the email address of the particular person so that they can benefit from the discount.

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SendinBlue (formerly MailinBlue)

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If you have an account, you can connect to the service through the block and follow the instructions.

Yotpo Social Reviews

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