How to Form a Magento 2 Newsletter Template

Newsletter is a mass release on a topic of interest to subscribers. It is considered one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools by spreading news about future ads in your store that will attract your customers. Magento 2 gives you the ability to publish and distribute news to customers who are subscribing. It does not have the full skills of the template library, but absolutely free. If you decide to use it, this process is for you because in this article we introduce you how to create newsletter templates in Magento 2.

You can generate many different Magento templates for various purposes like weekly product update, a monthly newsletter or annual vacation newsletter with a simple process.

Step 1: Go to the Marketing> Newsletter Template section from your main administrative dashboard. Then, press the Add new template button to continue with the structure of the template. Then you can find several required fields to fill in.

Step 2:  Complete Templates information

  • In the Template Name type name for internal reference.
  • In the Template Subjectfield, illustrate the purpose of the newsletter.
  • In the Sender Namefield, type the name of the person who is to appear as the sender of the newsletter.
  • In the Sender Emailfield, enter the email address of the newsletter sender.

Step 3: Design Template Contents

At the Template Content field, tap Show / Hide Editor to exhibit the WYSIWYG editor. Then, update the content as needed.

This section is up to you. You can write to your subscribers and what you can write to add images. Follow this link on the option to unsubscribe you by default. Sometimes subscribers can get out of the group because they get angry when they receive emails. In addition, see how your text appears in text mode via a simple text button.

Then, tap Preview Template to verify what customers observe your Newsletter

Step 4: After complete, save config and observe your result

I hope the above mentioned steps help you to How to Form a Magento 2 Newsletter Template






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