How to handle Newsletter Campaign in Magento 2

Newsletter is a mass release on a topic of interest to subscribers. It is considered one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools by spreading news about future ads in your store that will attract your customers. Magento 2 suggests you the ability to release and share out newsletters to subscriber’s customers, handle your list of subscribers, form content, form content, and control traffic in your store. If you decide to use it, this article is for you because in these articles, we will introduce you how to manage Newsletter on Magento 2. In Magento 2, you can handle Newsletter Campaign with the following:

  • Build Newsletter
  • Sends newsletter
  • Handle Subscribers
  • Newsletter issues checks report

How to build newsletter?

  • First, login to admin area and go to Stores> Configuration. Then tap to enlarge Customerstab and choose

  • You need to configure email templates and senders to:
  • Success email
  • Email not sent
  • Confirmation email.
  • If you want a potential option to think twice before meeting your subscribers, you need to modify Need to confirmfield to Yes.
  • If you want to allow your website’s guests to receive your newsletter, you must choose yes to allow guest subscriptions.
  • Then, click New Template button.

  • After complete, Save Config

How to send Newsletter

  • Go to the Marketing>Newsletter Templatesection from your main admin dashboard. Then, press on the newsletter template you would like to send.

  • Then select the Date and Time when you need your Newsletter to be sent and click Save NewsletterIn the column Subscribers From you have to select the group of subscribers you need to send the Newsletter to. But if you don’t click it, by default your Newsletter will be sent to the entire list of your subscribers.

How to Handle Subscribers

  • In Magento 2 there is a option to subscribe your current clients to your Newsletter. And here I will show you how it can be done.
  • First you type your Customers list. Customers-> All Customers.
  • Then you choose a customer you want to subscribe to your Newsletter and tap on the line of the customer you want to include to your subscription list.
  • Then on the left, you find NewsletterTab and click it.
  • At last, you can register the customer to the newsletter box and click Save customer
  • In addition, you can get guest subscribers if you allow a guest subscription.
  • If the users who do not have any information in your article allow you to your newsletter in your system, you can register a form placed on your site.
  • All the subscribers of marketing you can Manage -> Newsletter Subscribers. In this tab, you can easily subscribe and export the list of subscribers.

How to Newsletter issues checks report

If you believe your messages or your customers are having problems, some of them complain that they do not receive their emails; you can verify the issues in the statement in newsletter troubles report.

You can see detailed information with date / time and correct error code / text for emails to be sent here.

It’s about how you can manage a newsletter campaign on Magento 2. With the information here, the Magento 2 Newsletter will be your control. Use this Magento 2 framework perfectly, which can have a very good effect on your customers. So take some time, you will not regret it.






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