How Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace split order works?

Split Order – Basics

Basically, In Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension, if a customer checks out, it creates a single order ID with all products. For instance, if the online purchase involves ten sellers, it will generate an order bulking all products and vendors.

But the split order feature in the Magento marketplace has now been fixed; that is, the platform automatically creates separate order IDs for each vendor. 

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Magento multi-vendor marketplace – Split order

Magento marketplace extension comes with many features, but one feature that makes order process requests more seamless is “Marketplace Split Order”. The split order feature helps split and generate separate order IDs at the admin panel if multiple vendors’ products are in the buyers’ shopping cart. 

So it is crucial to have a better account view and availability of multiple orders. If the customers can see and review all their ordered items detail separately and precisely, it definitely makes them feel happy about their purchase. 

Here, the end-user/customer will tend to receive different order IDs based on the sellers from whom the Order has been placed. In addition to the separate order IDs, the site admin can generate invoices and shipments separately for each order ID for different sellers. 

Why is split Order required?

In every eCommerce platform, each Order contains the right order ID. Having orders and order IDs for each vendor can help organize and follow it. Let’s have a look at three essential benefits of the split order feature:

  • Customer can monitor their spending on purchases
  • Admin can easily track the sellers’ orders
  • The seller can have better control over their orders

Multi-vendor marketplace split order feature

Points to remember:

  • Split Order landed in Magento marketplace is a default feature.
  • Split order features work fine with any Magento marketplace default payment methods. 
  • No higher-level customization is required.

Use cases:

A split order is one sort of feature that helps to manage and organize the product order efficiently. Since separate order IDs were created, sellers now can produce separate invoices and shipments for different order IDs for the customers. 

These IDs can be used to manage the refund process and place progress and make it look a lot simpler to handle. In simple, both the customers and sellers will be able to view separate order information for different products.

Advantages of Magento marketplace split order feature

  • After the product has been placed, separate order IDs are generated for different sellers automatically 
  • The admin and sellers can create detailed shipment and invoices concerning the order IDs
  • These unique order IDs can be viewed under the “My Order Section” by the customers

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