How to manage customer report in Magento 2

When you want to enhance sales, you must know about the customer. Customer Report are the useful tool to evaluate your customers, tracking them, find out the product they like and depend on that and satisfy them.

The custom reporting Magento includes:

  • Order Total report shows you the total number or order, average order per customer and total amount.
  • Order Count Report includes the number of order per customer, average order amount, total amount.
  • New Account report shows number of new customer account during a period of time.

How to manage Customer Report in Magento 2?

  • To display the report you need to follow these steps:
  • On Admin Slide Bar, looking for Report Section, customer has 3types of reports I already mention above. Select the one you need for, customer order total report.
  • You can choose to get customer order report of all websites or just one website in the store view field and set the date in the field. Then you can show the report by clicking the refresh button or allow you to export the report to CSV or Excel file. It’s very easy for store-owner to tract customers by themselves.

I hope these following steps help to manage the customer report in Magento2.






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