How to update multiple records to database in Magento 2?

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In Magento 2 platform almost there would be more changes in the database in Magento 2. So it is important to add/Update multiple records to the database in Magento 2 now it’s been a bit different from the previous version of it.

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Here In my example, I will be adding a new table in MySQL: my_custom_table with two fields:

Id: Main key, Item ID

qty: int (11), number of items

In Magento 2, almost all the records have some modifies in the database. To add/update multiple records for the database, the process goes a little different from the first edition of Magento. Of course,  here is how we do that.

How to update multiple records to the database in Magento 2?

Update multiple records to Magento 2

  • You can usually update multiple records in the database using a save () method of the model.
$updateData = [1 => 5, 2 =>12, 3 => 16, 4=>5];

foreach($collection as $item) {

    if(isset($updateData[$item->getId()])) {

        $item->setData('qty', $updateData[$item->getId()];




However, this is not recommended because its performance is not good. You can see the save () function is called a loop. I got another solution to solve this problem.

In my resource sample I have written the following command: /app/code/[NameSpace]/[ModuleName]/Model/ResourceModel/Custom.php

$updateData = [1 => 5, 2 =>12, 3 => 16, 4=>5];

$connection = $this->getConnection();

$conditions = [];

foreach ($updateData as $id => $qty) {

$case = $connection->quoteInto('?', $id);

$result = $connection->quoteInto('?', $qty);

$conditions[$case] = $result;


$value = $connection->getCaseSql('id', $conditions, 'qty');

$where = ['id IN (?)' => array_keys($updateData)];

try {   


    $connection->update($this->getTable('my_custom_table'), ['qty' => $value], $where);


} catch(\Exception $e) {


  • There is also one more example of adding multiple records. Im mentioning that as my custom resource sample.


This solution is better than save () method of the model in a loop.

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This is how you can add/update multiple records to the database in Magento 2 and make necessary changes.

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