How to fix dotdigital login error in Magento 2.3.6/2.4.0-p1/2.4.1?

Learn how to fix the dotdigital login error in the Magento 2.3.6/2.4.0-p1/2.4.1 platform.

This article describes a Magento 2.3.6, 2.4.0-p1, and 2.4.1 known issue in the Magento platform.

Magento 2.3.6 has some known issue where it is impossible to log in to the dotdigital through the Magento admin panel. 

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When does one get this issue?


When the dotdigital account is enabled to log in with the Magento admin panel.

How to fix dotdigital login error in Magento 2.3.6/2.4.0-p1/2.4.1?

Affected Magento 2 products and versions

  • Magento Commerce 2.3.6
  • Magento Commerce 2.4.0-p1
  • Magento Commerce 2.4.1

Note: All with Magento cloud and Safari browser only



  1. Should have an active Dotdigital account
  2. Must have dotdigital API credential.
  3. Selected API should be integrated with the Magento platform

How to fix the dotdigital login error in Magento 2.3.6/2.4.0-p1/2.4.1?

Steps to follow to fix dotdigital login error:

    1. Go the Stores
    2. Then move to the Configuration option
    3. Click on DOTDIGITAL
    4. Now move to Chat settings
    5. Click on Enabled, then set to Yes
    6. Lastly, click on Configure in Configure Chat Widget or Configure Chat Teams.

Expected result:

As expected, the Chat settings page should open successfully with no-hinder via Admin Panel in Magento 2.

Actual result:

Unable to log in to dotdigital.


Try using a different browser other than Safari for this scenario.


We hope this article helps you better fix the known issues in the Magento platform.

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