How to include product reviews and ratings on the Magento 2?

Learn how to add and edit the product reviews and ratings in Magento 2 platform here in this blog:

Hello Everyone,

In the last post, we talked about how to disable some of the inappropriate features on your products page; but today, we will bring you how to add one of these most useful features to your Magento 2 site – Magento 2 product reviews and rating.

Product Reviews and rating helps create a sense, and is considered reliable rather than any advertising money can buy. In fact, some search engines offer higher rankings than sites with product products. Product reviews show your satisfaction, a good way to satisfy customers with your store’s products and services.

On the other hand, ratings may have changes to better represent the features of your store. Both help you find your store, engage them, and often lead to sales.

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Customers decide whether to open an account in your store before writing product reviews, or whether they can submit reviews as guests. Anchors will block anonymous submissions required to open an account and increase the quality of values.

Besides, you can feature your visitors these viewers, see your other visitors. Today, I have brought you reviews and ratings on how to add product pages and reviews.

How to add product reviews and ratings on the Magento 2?

How to include ratings blocks on your site?

First, log in to the store’s admin dashboard and go to Stores>Rating

Then tap on the Add New Rating button, and then fill all of the following blocks:

Default value: The name of these features should be evaluated by the customer

Default store view: The page we want to include a rating block.

When you’re ready, click Save Rating to include a new value

How to include a Product Reviews package on your site?

First, log in to the admin dashboard and go to Store> Configuration> catalog

Then increase the product review section, then allow guests to allow guests to suit your wishes. When finished, tap duplicate to save.

Customers can write reviews for any product on your listing. You can write a review page from the product page by clicking on “Add your review” link. For non-reviewed products, the link “First of all is the first to review these products”. Reviews tab lists all current reviews and submission form for a rating.

Here’s how to manage customer reviews?

Firstly, to add a new product review, you will need to go to your Admin Panel Marketing> Reviews section..

Here you can manually include new review (if you have some other contact mode like email or your shop Facebook page) or choose from user-submitted reviews and find them on your website. To do the second, select a value and click its Edit button.

You can edit all the fields you like, add a review and click the saved comment button. This will appear under the bottom of the tabs below the product.

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