How to Integrate Google Tools for Magento 2 Sites

The following steps show you how to Integrate Google Tools for Magento 2 Site:

Step 1: Sign up for Google Universal Analytics

Step 2: Complete the Magento Configuration

Step 3: after Save Config

Hello Everyone,

Today, all websites has the store pattern is incorporated with the following Google tools to assist optimize your content, analyze your traffic, and connect your catalog to shopping aggregator’s marketplaces: Google Analytics & Google Ad words.

Here we will establish you to Integrate Google Tools for Magento 2 site

How to combine Google Analytics with Magento 2 site?

Google Analytics provides you the skill to describe additional custom dimension and metrics for tracking, with support for offline and mobile app interactions, and access to ongoing updates. To set up Google Analytics for you site, we do the following process.

Step 1: Sign Up for Google Universal Analytics

Open the Google website and sign up for a Google Universal Analytics account

Step 2: Complete the magento Configuration

Firstly return to your store, and log in to the Admin. On the Admin sidebar, select Stores. In setting, tap configuration.  Under Sales, select Google API.

Secondly, expand the Google Analytics Section. Then, the following are:

  • Set Enable to “Yes”
  • Set Account type to “Universal Analytics”
  • If you want to conduct A/B testing and other performance tests on your content, set content experiments to “Yes”.
  • Enter your Universal analytics Account Number.

Step 3: When complete, select save config

How to combine Google Adwords with Magento 2 site?

It is a service that is used to place ads in Google Search Results, with tools to manage the campaigns.

The following steps show you how to apply Google Adwords to your Magento 2 site:

  1. Sign Up for Google adwords
  2. Configure Your Store
  3. When complete, save config.

Step 1: sign Up for Google adwords

  • Visit Google Adwords, and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Configure Your Store

On the Admin sidebar, tap to Stores->Configuration. In the left panel, under Sales, select Google API. Then, expand the Google Adwords section and the following are:

  • Set Enable to “Yes” and complete the following fields are required:
    • Conversion ID
    • Conversion Language
    • Conversion Format
    • Conversion Colour
    • Conversion Label
    • Conversion Value Type

Step 3:When complete, save config

 I hope the following steps help you to Integrate Google Tools for Magento 2 site






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