How is Magento 2 differs from Magento 1 Technically Speaking?

How is Magento 2 differs from Magento 1 Technically Speaking?

Truly the Magento 2 differs from Magento 1 in many aspects.

Magento 2 is totally a new platform than Magento 1.9. It is completely based on Magento 1.9 is based on the original Magento platform which is an older one.

Magento 1.9 extensions will work on the 2.0 platform without being recorded from the to went ground up.

There are three different modes in Magento 2 development process:

  • Developer
  • Default
  • Production


Magento 2.x is Compatible with Platforms like Oracle, MySQL and Magento 2 supports HTML whereas Magento 1 does not.

It uses Composer for managing dependencies but Magento 1.9 had no such facility. PSR Compliance in Magento 2.0. Magento 2.0 allows developers to set up automated tests and run easily.

There was no such provision in Magento 1.0. Full-page caching is a built-in feature in Magento 2.0.  But in Magento 1.9 we have to install external modules for this function.

Magento 1.9 used PrototypeJS widely whereas  Magento 2.0 is based on jQuery. Magento 1.x is with Zend Framework whereas  Magento 2.0 is based on Magento Framework and other frameworks like Symfony. It has Varnish 4 support built-in. The varnish is another technology with an HTTP accelerator.

Magento 2 supports some following technologies that Magento 1 can’t

  • Scripts – Nodejs, Knockout Js, RequireJs
  • CSS preprocessor – LESS
  • JavaScript Task Runner – Grunt
  • Framework – Composition of Zend Framework
  • Bootstrap composer
  • UI_component
  • Dependency Injection
  • Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)
  • PHP Standard Recommendations (PSR), PHP 5.5 to 7.
  • Redis – Key-Value Cache Storage Engine
  • Varnish 4.0 HTTP accelerator, CSS3, HTML5, and Xdebug
  • Debugger and Profiler Tool – Command Line Tool, Reflection, Interception, PHPUnit and Symfony.


By comparing how Magento 2 differs from Magento 1, it’s clear that the newer version of Magento is far superior to its previous version. Our Magento migration service provides you the complete information about the migration and its commercial benefits.






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