Magento 2 reorder function – How does the enable or disable work for products?

The reorder function in Magento 2 is not such a complicated or challenging thing in your Magento store. Many developers on the internet keep portraying that it needs a third-party extension to support and implement in Magento 2, don’t be fooled by the scammers; beware. 

We at Webnexs want to peel off such a mask and put a draft of the correct instruction here. The instruction is, “Your Magento 2 don’t need any additional extensions to have the reorder function. As it ships as a default functionality with the platform, you must enable it. If you don’t, disable it, simple”.

Okay, all things are fine. How does the reorder feature work? How one can enable or disable them in Magento 2 from the admin panel?

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Here’s the complete guide for you to make it work on the reorder in Magento, but before that, what’s precise will be enabled after switching the reorder option?

It’s a simple reorder feature for the customer looking to reorder the previously purchased products they once completed before the current order. It makes the order placement process so easy with a single button click. 

It made “no-mandate” to fill the order information again, as every detail of the previous order will pass on to the current one and stay.

Magento made it possible with the reorder function to enhance the site’s shopping experience, which quickly boosts sales thereon. 

Additionally, the users can make the purchase directly using reorder, or the store admin must be present in the backend to enable it.

No other options in the Magento 2 are made the order placement as easy as the reorder function. And here, let’s see the features and benefits of Reorder function in Magento 2.

Features and functions of Reorder in Magento 2

  • Display all previous orders in one place
  • Works to supplant the actual order with previously ordered products
  • Reorder specific or multiple products at once
  • Support to reorder all product types
  • Manage reorder settings effortlessly

Magento 2 Reorder Function – A Default Feature

Magento 2 store admin can now enable the reorder function from the backend to show the customers’ previously ordered products conveniently in a specific fashion. So the entire default list of order history would look like as shown below:

Reorder in magento 2

Steps to enable or disable reorder in Magento 2 admin panel:

Step 1:

Navigate to the Magento admin panel where you can find the option “Stores”, then follow the simple steps as mentioned below to explore the reorder option: 

Magento 2 reorder function

From Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales > Reorders.

Magento reorder feature

In this way, you can configure the function in Magento 2.

Step 2:

Now click on the option “Yes” to set the reorder to enable and select “No” to disable the reorder option from the option, then click on it to save the configuration. Enable or disable the Allow Reorders options to have them activated.

Magento 2 reorder feature

Hurray, you’ve enabled the reorder feature in Magento 2 store for customer convenience.

Great functions come from a great solution

As mentioned, the Magento 2 marketplace extension offers such an outstanding feature to have the previously purchased products/services again with a click, which are suitable to be considered for all Magento store owners.

Merchants can easily reorder mass ordered products to cart quickly without choosing each item or navigating every product page again to purchase.

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