How to make the native marketing modules work in prestashop

Making the Native Modules Work:

Now, in this article we are going to see about how to make the native modules work in native marketing modules in prestashop.

This section helps to discover all the default modules that are in arrangement process in prestashop.

Module sections are only shown, if they really have one module at least. In 25 sections, there are larger than 130 native modules are exists.

From these modules, some of them contain configuration pages, that present you to admittance to a pair of tools and information pages.

Generic buttons are grouped at the crown of the screen, in each configuration page.

The buttons are, such as:

  • Disable
  • Uninstall
  • Reset
  • Check and update
  • Manage hooks
  • Back

1) Disable:

This button is helpful for deactivating the module, at the same time to  maintain its present settings for its afterward use.

2) Uninstall:

This button is helpful for deactivating the module end, and at the same time to delete its present settings.

3) Reset:

This button helps to clean the modules present settings to get them reverse to default.

4) Check and Update:

This button is helpful to find if a updated version of this module is existing (moreover in the prestashop repository or in the Addons online store), if it is not updated, then this button helps to update it.

5) Manage hooks:

Beginning from this “Modules” menu, it is the easy way to for going to the “Positions” page. Starting from here you can alter the place of the modules interface on the front-end of your shop, or begin the live edit tool. Only when the “Positions” page is put together, then only you are merely hooks existing to the present module are showed.

6) Back:

This button, helps to get back a link to the module list.

At the base of the screen, the Manage Translations selector includes shortcuts to the “Translations” page for established modules. From the Translations page, You can renew the module’s conversion for the particular language. For Example, with your capacity if you can change the desire to alter the phrasing in order to enhance healthy your use.

Few modules cannot be installed on your server from files, but it can be downloaded from the Addons webnexs website. Which helps to guarantee that you constantly contain the newest version of a module.

This is the procedure to make the native modules work in native marketing modules in prestashop.

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