How to manage Credit Slip management in Prestashop?

Now, we are going to learn about credit slips, credit slips options, and how to create credit slips in PrestaShop.

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Credit Slip Management in PrestaShop

Credit Slips Management:

Following your agreement on a product return, you must be given a package from the customer. At one moment you have established that package, you must generate a credit slip from the order’s page. Credit Slips are also called “Credit notes” or “credit memos”.

Credit Slips are listed on the Credit slips page, but it is not created on the “Credit slips” page. The credit slips page is also used to create a PDF of your credit slips.

Credit Slips Options:


There is only one option on the Credit slip options page:

  • Credit Slip Prefix

Credit slip prefix: You may wish to have language-tagged delivery slips. And for sure, you can also pick to not have a prefix at all.

According to your settings, PrestaShop will produce you the credit slips number.

Finally, don’t forget to save the changes that you have done.

Creating a Credit Slip in PrestaShop:

In your orders list i.e “Orders” page, on clicking the order it shows for which the customer is returning little items for extra details – it will simply work if it has already stated that the customer can send products to return.

Do the following things, Under the “Products” table:

  1. The First step is to verify the returned item(s).
  2. The second step is to verify the box “Restock Products” if you want to put the product return in your stock.
  3. The Third Step is to verify the box “Generate a Credit Slip.”.
  4. In the fourth step, when you want to make a customer happier once an error is committed in their order, think about offering them a voucher by inspecting the box after that to “Generate a Voucher.”.
  5. You can also give the money back to his shipping costs by clicking next to “Include Shipping.”.

Verify by clicking on “Return products.”, when you have chosen all the options you wish for.

How to manage Credit slip management in Prestashop? | Webnexs LLC

After finishing those steps the credit slip is currently formed and will be existing in the Order Details as well as on the “Credit Slips” page.

After that as if there, you can click the link to download the PDF file. Then, the purchaser can see the slip in their “My Account” section.

If you have formed a voucher, then the purchaser will be able to see it in the “My vouchers” section of their account. And If they click on it, it should look slightly like this.

The total price of the Returned items is additionally added to the voucher. The purchaser can use the discount code (listed in the far left of the column) next time while they place an order.

If you have any doubts about how does credit slip management is used in PrestaShop, then don’t hesitate to contact us.






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