How to manage Delivery slips options in prestashop

Delivery Slips Management in prestashop

Now, we are going to see about how does delivery slips management is used in prestashop.

Delivery Slips:

A delivery slip is a notification of delivery and it is also known as “delivery note” or “advice note”. It is made-up to be put in the shipped package, all along with the ordered products. This will contain your shop’s logo, and will point out the content. On purchasing the package, the purchaser can use the delivery slip in order to check twice the content of the package.

Receiving a delivery slip is accurately like receiving an invoice. Choose the dates, as well as the options you want, and then validate them to make your documents.

Now you can get a PDF file of numerous delivery slips depending only by date, which is extremely helpful when you want to print all delivery slips for a specified day or a specified quarter. Choose the start and end date, and click on the “Generate PDF file” button.

Delivery slips options:

There are three options available which are as same as for the invoice options:

  • Delivery Prefix
  • Delivery Number
  • Enable Product Image

Delivery prefix: You may wish to have language-tagged delivery slips: “DE” in English, “LI” in French (for “livraison”), “EN” in Spanish (for “entrenga”), etc. Or you could choose language codes directly: “EN”, “FR”, “SP”, etc. And of course, you can also decide not to have a prefix at all.

Delivery number: If your company has already have orders and delivery slips earlier than you started using prestashop, by using this option you can start your delivery slip number from a higher number.

Enable product image: If the product image on delivery slip is enabled, then it will exhibit a product’s image before the product name.

According to your settings prestashop will produce the delivery slip number: “#DE000001”, “#LI000002”, etc.

At last don’t forget to save your changes.

That’s all !!! If you have any doubts or queries about using delivery slips management in prestashop, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.





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